The ROG Masters 2017 qualifiers are about to begin!

Nishant Patel

5o, Jul, 2017
Qualifier details for the second edition of the ROG Masters have been announced. India will have its own set of offline and online qualifiers and will also play host to the South Asian LAN qualifier for both Dota 2 and CS GO.

Last year, Entity Esports and Aggressive 5 represented India at the main event. This year, while South Asia doesn't have a direct slot to the LAN, there are dedicated qualifiers that provide an opportunity to make it to the APAC regional qualifiers.
Prize Pool and Format

The total prize pool of the main event is $500,000 split evenly between both games. In addition to this, INR 10,00,000 has been allocated as the prize pool for the South Asian Qualifier.

The format for qualification various from country to country. Teams from India can choose to participate in any of the 16 offline qualifier venues as detailed below. Winners of these offline qualifiers will compete in an online qualifier and one winner from there will make it to the South Asian qualifier to compete against teams from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
Alternatively, teams can participate in an open online qualifier through which 3 teams will progress to the South Asian Qualifier.

One winner from the South Asian Qualifier will compete at the APAC Regional Qualifiers, winners of which will then proceed to the APAC Regional Finals and subsequently, the Grand Finale.

To summarize, here's what the journey for an Indian esports team looks like if they want to make it to the main event :
  • Win an India offline qualifier (LAN - 16 teams)
  • Win the India online qualifier (1 team) OR win the India open online qualifier (3 teams)
  • Win the South Asia qualifiers (LAN - 1 team)
  • Win the APAC regional qualifiers
  • Win the APAC regional finals
Schedule, Venues and Contact Details
India Qualifier Details
8th - 9th July
Gaming Zone Contact No. City Game
RIG E Sports 9176950995 Bangalore CS GO
Gamers 4 Life 9176950995 Bangalore Dota 2
Kurukshetra 9833652287 Mumbai CS GO
Gear Up 9833652287 Mumbai Dota 2
LXG Gaming 7200467238 Chennai CS GO
Playerz Gaming 7200467238 Chennai Dota 2
15th - 16th July
Gaming Zone Contact No. City Game
Battleground 7227011007 Delhi CS GO
Havok Nation 7227011007 Delhi Dota 2
Gameomaniacs 9937664490 Bhubaneswar CS GO
AR Gaming Asylum 9937664490 Cuttack Dota 2
YOLO Esports 9966997274 Hyderabad CS GO
Playmax Interactive 9966997274 Hyderabad Dota 2
22nd - 23rd July
Gaming Zone Contact No. City Game
Battle Arena 9830389996 Kolkata CS GO
Infi Gaming 983038996 Kolkata Dota 2
Intencity 9096023563 Pune CS GO
Havoc Nation 9096023563 Pune Dota 2
India Online Qualifier Details
Gaming Zone Contact No. Game Dates
Online Qualifier #1 8082242892 CS GO 25th - 26th July
Online Qualifier #1 8082242892 Dota 2 25th - 26th July
Open Online Qualifier #2 8082242892 CS GO 28th July - 6th Aug
Open Online Qualifier #2 8082242892 Dota 2 28th July - 6th Aug

South Asian Qualifier Details
Gaming Zone Contact No. Games Dates Venue
Pre Qualifiers 8082242892 CS GO and Dota 2 18th - 19th Aug LXG Bengaluru
South Asia Qualifiers 8082242892 CS GO and Dota 2 20th Aug The Lalit Ashok Bengaluru

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