The Premiership announcement and the future of Indian Esports

Shounak Sengupta

18o, May, 2016
It was a drab day on r/dota2. I scroll through to find the usual number of memes and miracle mmr posts floating around, a couple of the hype posts regarding EPICENTER. In the midst of this one post seems to stand out.

Not many threads regarding the Indian Dota Scene make the front page on reddit. The ones that do are mostly server requests and lag complaints. But this one was different.  It was an announcement. The username seemed familiar (for the hardcore Dota 2 lovers at least). ClouDx is talking about the ESL India Premiership.
ESL India Premiership on Reddit
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What is the Premiership?

They call it a league. A tournament. A competition.  It is nothing short of a revolution for the Indian esports world.  A prize pool of 42 lakhs. An event hosted by ESL. It really is something if you take the time out to think about it. Let’s put it into perspective.

A few years ago DOTA 2 was relatively unheard of in South Korea. The country however was a major player in Esports and still is, with a large spectator as well as player base across titles like StarCraft and League of Legends. An independent company called Nexon decided to test the popularity of Dota in Korea.
They organized a starter league, divisions and substantial prize pools to boost the growth of Dota 2 in Korea. The partnership with Nexon eventually ended. However they had a huge impact in the short time they were there. European as well as NA players started to migrate to Korea to take part. Teams were formed and sponsorships were given out. MVP Phoenix, currently one of the top Dota 2 teams comes from Korea. They were formed when the Dota 2 boom happened. Recently they have been dominating LAN events, edging out top tier teams like Secret,  EG and OG.  Everyone wonders how an esport traditionally dominated by Europeans and the Chinese has been taken over by Korea.
MVP Phoenix winning the DotaPit event earlier this year
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None of this would have been possible if no one had the courage to start something.
And THAT is what ESL has done. They have started something. If you too believe in Esports, then come join in and help make India the next big thing.
What does the ESL INDIA premiership announcement mean?

It means that ESL has given us the opportunity to show the world that India can be a major player in the esports scene. It means that they see potential in India. The potential to be an engaging, active community and a viable market with reasonable amount of purchasing power.

It means our time is now.It means that it’s time you stop complaining about lack of structure, organization and opportunity. It means it’s time to form a clan. Time to gather other clans and start scrimming. Time to go and get yourself that gaming mouse. Time to find out why you need a mechanical keyboard. Get a TeamSpeak ID. Wear your MMR and your Rank as a badge of honor and gear up to take part in this massive event.

Stop complaining about the ping. Don’t get hung up on packet loss. Throw fps issues out of the window. Stop making excuses and join the revolution.
What impact does it have on the future of Indian Esports?

One can only speculate. And HOPE. Delhi Major? Mumbai Major? ESL One Bengaluru? Dreamhack Hyderabad? Chennai Minors?  CIS,NA,Europe,China,SEA,?INDIA?
For more information about the Premiership, click HERE