The Last SEA Hope falls; Mineski loses to Virtus.Pro

Vignesh Raghuram

22nd, Aug, 2018

Virtus Pro who unexpectedly dropped down to the lower bracket yesterday against LGD Gaming look like they’re back to their very best as they stomped Mineski in just two games to setup a match with OpTic Gaming later on tomorrow. 

Here’s a brief recap of their match against Mineski

Game one saw virtually run away with victory. The team absolutely dominated the laning stage and progressed into the mid game with a tempo that Mineski could not keep up with. Their rather aggressive early and midgame line-up, ganked and applied pressure on Mineski numerous times early on with a Treant and Vengeful Spirit. The CIS squad constantly applied pressure, never allowing Mineski to farm up necessary items to fight them on equal terms. VP’s line-up allowed them to transition every successful engagement into a push and as a result the team forced out yet another 51-minute gg.

Game two looked much more promising for Mineski early on and the team transitioned from a solid laning stage into a profitable midgame. But VP managed to find crucial kills on enemy cores without giving a single kill on N[o]one away after the laning stage. Mineski couldn't keep up with the amassed networth and overall strength of Liquid's line-up and their cores lacked the damage and durability to take down VP’s cores thanks to the huge team fight presence of Rodjer’s Earthshaker and 9Pasha’s Enigma.


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