The International 8's Qualifier Dates revealed

Vignesh Raghuram

10th, May, 2018
The end of the Dota Pro Circuit is just on the horizon, and the teams who will be directly invited to The International 8 have begun to shape up. However, there seems to be a void between the end of the China Supermajor and the beginning of The International 8’s main event. Fortunately, there is still plenty of Dota 2 action we can spectate, thanks to the commencement of the Qualifiers and Group Stages of The International 8.

In the TI8 Battle Pass’s placeholder Compendium section, the dates for both group stages and qualifiers were revealed:
  • Open Qualifiers: June 14th — June 17th
  • Regional Qualifiers: June 18th — June 25th
  • Group Stage: August 15th — August 18th
What looks to be the most drastic change since last year is the regional qualifiers’ dates, as instead of being four days, they span out eight. Perhaps, this time the regional qualifiers themselves will be a mini-TI with a full double-elimination BO3 bracket.

It’s also worth noting that the exact date per region may vary, given differences between organizers. For instance, last year’s Chinese qualifiers actually began and ended a day after everyone else’s since Perfect world organized an actual LAN event for the regional qualifiers.

Just like last year, we’ll have ten days of Dota 2 action to take in since the group stage has been scheduled to kick off on Wednesday and run through Saturday, after which there will be a one-day gap before the Main Event commences in the Rogers Arena.


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