The International 8's Battlepass is almost here!!

Vignesh Raghuram

8o, May, 2018
IT’S HAPPENING!! After months of waiting, Dota 2 fans were finally given reprieve as Valve tweeted out “Tomorrow” from the Dota2 Twitter account with a gif of a green-themed Aegis of Champions. The /r/dota2 community immediately speculated that this definitely means that tomorrow (today for some of us), should bring in the Dota 2 Battle Pass and our wallets will feel a little lighter as we all invest to up the prize pool of The International 2018 as well as secure some Hats.
This year’s Battlepass is sure to be different thanks to the introduction of Dota Plus. Valve most likely won't do a rehash of the quests, and perhaps it will bring in something completely new along with it (Read: Artifact Beta Invites).
The International 7’s prizepool, last year grew to a mammoth $24,787,916. This year will surely rival if not surpass that amount –  and maybe once again giving us the biggest prize pool in esports history. Just another $15,000,000 will push Dota 2’s total ‘prizepool awarded’ to over $155,000,000 which will make it three times bigger than it’s closest competitor CS:GO.

The International 8 will kick off in late August with the Main Event set to happen between August 20th and August 25th. The event will take place in Vancouver, Canada for the first time in its history.