The home team Global eSports - determined to win it big at the COBX Masters

Aditya Singh Rawat

4o, Apr, 2019

Amongst the interviews of international teams and personalities like MVP PK, B.O.O.T-d[S] & Dick Stacy it was a pleasure to get a chance to speak with the home team, Global eSports.

The newcomers in the Indian esport scene have quickly established a name for themselves, qualifying through the Indian Closed Qualifier in their first ever event. This is the roster's first international LAN appearance (albeit on Indian soil. Here's what they had to say going into the tournament.

Editor's Note: Rahul 'Emi' Hinduja, Global eSports' head of operations has answered questions on behalf of management. For questions that have been answered by players, individual player names have been mentioned.

Why was India chosen as the place to step into Counter-Strike?

Rahul 'Emi' Hinduja: India has an immense amount of untapped potential as far as Counter-Strike is concerned. Counter-Strike here is considered the Cricket of Esports, and as it stands, that opinion isn't going to change anywhere in the near future, at least not in India and EU and keeping this in mind along with the future growth of both the team and its players we feel there are endless possibilities.

What expectations do you have from the foreign players? Are they essential to the team's growth?

We have really high expectations from all our players in general because we have gone through a long process to recruit them and each and every one of them is really talented. We do not distinguish between the local and foreign players because we feel they all have such phenomenal potential that It's difficult for us to see a distinction. As individuals in and outside of the game, each player brings forth a particular skill set that determines the foundation of the team. Counter-Strike is a game that requires an immense amount of both raw aim as well as an exceptional amount of experience combined with synergy. Our polish players bring forth a ton of knowledge about the game from their EU experience, while our Indians are notoriously aim heavy and rely on raw skill, dedication & hard work to contribute enough to merit their presence in the global scene.

Tell us more about why the team fields a six-man roster as compared to the traditional five.

This is something we do regularly with our Korean and Singaporean teams across titles but we feel it requires a little more tweaking and localisation for the Indian scene. We have temporarily suspended this model till we perfect the formula for localised use at our end.

What are your thoughts about the state of player transfers and the loaning of players in India?

In our opinion, player transfers are a very healthy means of improving the scene locally. Organizations need to work together and create new and innovative benchmarks and strive towards achieving goals of growing the entire industry and not just the growth of certain teams or players. We (Global eSports) have done international player transfers before across titles like Fortnite and Overwatch with companies like Meta Gaming and Los Angeles Gladiators so we're happy to bring that kind of professionalism to a budding Esports scene in India.

Which team in the Indian CS circuit is the biggest threat to GE?

India has a lot of raw talent that is scattered around and we wish more organizations were born out of this because it is currently the need of the hour. Currently, the strongest teams that we see are Entity and Signify. We don't see them as competitors but rather strong teams we can really use to sharpen our skills and get better because at the end of the day our ambitions for this CS team is a global platform.

What does a regular workday look like for a Global Esport player?

This depends completely upon the schedule set for each individual / team. In general, all of our players follow an 8 hour round the clock scrim-block routine, we have feedback session with the coaches and team manager and do VOD analysis post which we have strategic meetings to discuss and plan for the next scrim block. Having all our players live together and have all their meals together instils the family environment that we want to inculcate in our players to build a bond that transcends beyond the game. Our goal is to provide the players with whatever they require so that they don't have to worry about anything.

Does the team operate out of a Gaming House?

Yes, all our teams operate out of a gaming house, whether its the CS GO and Overwatch team in India, or our Fortnite and Overwatch teams from Korea. Our goal has always been to create grass root development, with that goal in mind, operating out of a gaming house is an absolute necessity. Having a boot camp and training facility has shown a sure shot way to enhance a players growth and increase team synergy. With this in mind, we do have aspirations to open more boot camps across the globe.

Why the shift from Poland to India? How is Esports different in the two regions?

Kamil: It was a split second decision, we got a good offer and we qualified for Cobx so we wanted to be able to practise with the team on normal ping. India compared to Europe is a lot easier, there aren't many teams that are in top 30 and qualifying for tournaments from this region is simpler.

Zorineq: In Poland, I had very little to do in CS:GO, I mean I was didn't have a team. I got a chance from GE and here I'm happy! In Europe Esports is bigger than in India (Asia), there are more leagues and tournaments.

How are the Polish players adjusting to the Indian Climate, Food, Culture, etc.?

Considering how fast they have had to transition, I think they've done a great job at acclimating themselves to the conditions and have been thorough professionals.

What is the current focus of the team? Is there any particular milestone that the team has decided to reach by the end of this year?

For now, our eyes are set on Cobx, we aren't just looking to get out of the group stages, we're looking to win the entire event.

How are the preparations for the COBX Masters coming along?

We've been working hard on very specific goals over the course of the last month and the team looks in great shape to make waves at the tournament! Let's just say we're going for gold and a win is certainly on the cards. We are confident our boys will deliver!

Thoughts on how the Indian teams are going to fare against the international teams?

In scrims, we've had little to no problems dealing with most Asian teams, but we also acknowledge that LAN is a whole different ballgame altogether, the international teams bring forth a lot of experience, and while we're aware of that, we're certain we can match their potential.


The players were game for some fun as we indulged in a bit of frolic, getting in some good laughs to calm some nerves before the COBX Masters.

Dream tournament that you have always wanted to be a part of?

Antidote: ESL One Cologne

Kamil: IEM Katowice

Adrian: For everyone which trying to be the best main goal should be Major! I hope for this tournament in the near future.

Rex: Any major in which I’ll represent India

T1to: Any major.

What do you feel about the current line-up? Where would you rank yourselves amongst the other teams in the region?

Antidote: This team is quite new, but still we're doing good in scrims and getting good results. I can say we are top 10-15 in Asia right now.

Kamil: We didn't have much time to prepare but we worked hard at the boot camp, I think it's more about the quality of the preparation than the time spent executing it. Everyone can surprise in this tournament.

Zorineq: I have no idea, it will be our first real test.

Rex: I feel the current lineup is very strong and can damage SEA region. I can’t rank as we haven’t played any official tournament except cobx qualifiers.

t1to: 1st and the current lineup is great!

What would be the perfect holiday or vacation for you?

Antidote: Going to the Old Trafford in Manchester and watch a United vs Liverpool Derby.

Kamil: Week in New Zealand with my family and closest friends.

Zorineq: A paid holiday is one I would call a perfect holiday :D. Swimming pool, drinks, friends and good weather. Maybe the Maldives?

Rex: Any place as long as I have loved ones beside me.

t1to: Beach!

If not a professional CS player, what would you have been?

Antidote: Cricketer for sure.

Kamil: A Psychologist

Zorineq: Unfortunately, I'm still looking for my way in my life, I have no idea. I love playing games!

Rex: An engineer maybe.

t1to: No clue at all


Given a chance to create an all-star team, which players would have featured in your team?

Antidote: glaive,xyp9x,XANTARES,simple

Kamil: gla1ve, s1mple, xyp9x, twistzz

Zorineq: s1mple, glaive, xyp3x, me and maybe Niko

Rex: In India I would love to play around Tejas “Ace” Sawant, along with antidote and tito. I haven’t thought about anything like this so I don’t know about the last player.

t1to: Rex Antidote Kamil Zorineq and Me. We're all star already


What has been your most memorable moment related to CS so far?

Antidote: My girlfriend is an MG2 now :P

Kamil: Playing against Gambit on ESWC's stage.

Zorineq: First international tournament in Sweden.

Rex: My first stage LAN. We were the underdogs and we were taking over a well known and strong Indian team. The crowd cheering for us made me feel so good I can’t explain.

t1to: Sneaking out of the house to go to Hyderabad and play a LAN for the first time and come 2nd

Going all the way back in time, what was your first ever MM rank?

Antidote: After 10 games I opened MG 1 rank

Kamil: Global Elite after 10 first games when CS:GO was still in its beta version.

Zorineq: double AK

Rex: Master guardian 2

t1to: GN3

The interview went really smooth and the insights provided by both Zorineq and Kamil were much appreciated. That is all for now until next time this is Catslayer sighing off, Peace guys!

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