The Go Play 1 vs 1 Tournament has a Champion!

Nishant Patel

2nd, Mar, 2015
The Go Play 1 vs 1 Dota 2 Championship has concluded. Ten participants fought their way to the top of the foodchain in their respective gaming cafes to battle it out in an online grand final.

One champion emerges, poofing his opponents to dust (his most picked hero was Meepo) to secure a well deserved victory.

Our heartiest congratulations go out to Tengisbold 'Victory' Alzakhgui - representing G4L Gaming Cafe Bangalore for winning the entire tournament without losing a single match and bagging a Cooler Master Rapid i Mechanical Keyboard.

Here's what he had to say about his final game :


"I was really anxious but hard work pays off :D"

Meanwhile all 10 participants that made it to the online leg of the tournament have won a Cooler Master Rx Mousepad each.

The final brackets are as below :

AFK Gaming would like to take a moment to thank the following for their support through this tournament :
  • YOU GUYS, the participants, spectators and fans
  • All the cafe partners that assisted us through Phase 1
  • The tournament's official sponsors Cooler Master India and

Stay tuned for more updates, announcements and tournaments in the very near future!

For more information about the tournament click HERE


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