The Final Phase of Double Damage

Nishant Patel

31o, Jul, 2015
Mag Gaming's South Asian tournament - Double Damage has reached the final phase. The top eight teams are set to battle it out in a hybrid double elimination bracket.

Four teams start from the upper bracket while the remaining four have been placed in the lower bracket.

The first game will be played later today at 6 p.m. IST. The finals are due to take place on Sunday, 2nd August.

Here's a quick look at the contendors :
The Upper Bracket

Team Name : NeckBREAK

Country : India

Neckbreak are the favourites to win the top spot at Double Damage and are a team that hardly needs an introduction. Armed with some of India's top players, Neckbreak has stutterred only occassionally along their road to the upper bracket and are definitely a force to be feared. With an almost flawless laning phase that transitions into well executed mid game team fights, their opponents will be looking for a chink in their armour to exploit.

Team Name : Sara Kollo

Country : Sri Lanka

Sara Kollo has shown the subcontinent that Sri Lankan Dota 2 players are no pushovers. Having taken a game off Team Elunes, they are a team that can go blow for blow with some of the best on the circuit. As the last remaining Sri Lankan team in the tournament, SK will be looking to hold their country's flag high as they face off against Neckbreak in game 1.

Team Name : Team Elunes

Country : India

Team Elunes is an unpredictable juggernaut. Having taken down Neckbreak in the previous round yet dropping games to Sara Kollo and PoC in Double Damage, fans are perplexed yet anxious to see what Elunes has prepared for the final phase. Elunes' signature playstyle revolves around well executed support rotations and impeccable mid game team fights on the back of high risk high reward plays from their cores. They are the second favourites to win this tournament.

Team Name : EnvY

Country : Pakistan

As one of two Pakistani teams still in the tournament, Team Envy has not had an easy road to the upper bracket. As brutal as their losses may have been, some of their victories have been equally epic - particularly their 90 minute, 6 side mega creep comeback versus Sara Kollo. Envy suffered a crushing 19 minute defeat at the hands of Team Elunes and will be gunning for revenge in their first game of the upper bracket.
The Lower Bracket

Team Name : Underdogs Club

Country : Pakistan

Truet to their name, the Underdogs Club is a team that has a lot to prove and little to lose. Having said that, they've shown signs of life after taking down one of India's upcoming teams Surekh Gaming earlier in the tournament. Their first game is up against PoC, a team that they took down within 30 minutes in a previous encounter.

Team Name : Piece of Cake

Country : India

PoC is a team that's been around on the Indian circuit for a while now. Despite not having any trophies and accolades to show for their efforts, they're a team that has shown considerable improvement over the last 6 months. They've surprised fans and participants alike by taking down Bad Excuse, PoC and even giving others a solid run for their money. Poised and ready to place in the upper echelons of South Asian Dota, PoC will have an uphill climb awaiting them should they manage to take down Underdogs Club - a team that decimated them the last time they fought.

Team Name : Surekh Gaming

Country : India

The word tryhard is synonymous with team Surekh Gaming. Sheer dedication and hard work is the driving force behind their players however their performance paints a different picture altogether. Having stirred up rivalries with teams from Pakistan, Surekh Gaming is out for blood as they prepare to claw their way back from the lower brackets for a shot at revenge.

Team Name : Mission in Stealth

Country : India

MiS are the dark horse of this tournament. They've been rather silent on social media and are an unkown force in the final phase. They've taken games off Underdogs Club among others and have even secured LAN victories in the past. However their first game of the lower brackets is versus Surekh Gaming - a team they previously lost to.
Brackets and Streams

The tournament is free to watch in-game via Dota TV. Alternatively, you could catch the livestream below :

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