The ESL India Premiership is Back- INR 64 Lakhs to be won!

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NODWIN Gaming has announced that the ESL India Premiership will be returning for its second edition in April this year. After the maiden season was met with incredibly positive feedback courtesy top knotch production value among other things, the return of the ESL India Premiership does not come as a surprise. This edition of the ESL India Premiership will feature three games; Dota 2, CS:GO and Clash Royale.

With its prize pool of $100,000 for this season, the ESL India Premiership seeks to radically transform the Indian Esports scene, as it brings with it two major changes that will no doubt facilitate the local Esports industry's transition into the mainstream.

Introducing a 3-League Structure with Promotions and Relegations

One of the biggest changes the boys from the Nodwin are excited to unveil is the ESL India Premiership’s new league format, where the teams that will be compete in three different leagues throughout the season; The Starters, The Challengers and finally The Masters.

The Starters will be an amateur league where the majority of teams will be competing in a knockout tournament to win promotion to the Challenger league. There is no cap to the number of participants in the Starter league. This league will take place online.
The Challenger League will consist of 8 Teams who will compete against each other in an online tournament. The 8 teams will be aiming to win promotion to the Masters league by finishing at the top of the table.

The Masters League is the highest tier league among these, it is where the 8 best teams of the premiership will compete against one another in an offline LAN finale. All three leagues will run alongside each other simultaneously.

A Brand new Seasonal Tournament Structure

On top of this renewed League-system, the ESL India Premiership will also be premiering their brand new seasonal tournament structure.
After their inaugural event featured over 9,000 gamers playing their favourite games, the ESL India Premiership will take part over the course of three seasons; Summer, Fall and Winter. The prizepool will be divided amongst the three seasons equally and each season will run for about three months.
Teams will not be permitted to shuffle their rosters in the middle of a season. They can only shuffle their rosters in the 2-week break period in between every season.

Cosplay Competitions and other cool stuff


Image Courtesy:  ESL India

The Second Season of the ESL India Premiership will also feature Cosplay Competitions as well as Just Dance competitions at the offline LANs where participants can win INR 50,000 as cash prizes.
The 2017 edition also features several online draws in which fans will participate to win fabulous goodies.

Registration and Streaming Info

Registration for the ESL India Premiership is free of charge and gamers from any nationality can register for the tournament. Interested gamers can participate simply by registering for the Premiership through the ESL Play Portal.

For Dota 2 : Click Here
For CS:GO : Click Here
For Clash Royale: Click Here

Fans and Indian esports enthusiasts can watch the tournament live on the official ESL India Premiership Youtube Channel!!