The Academy of Esports - Your way to break into the esports scene

Vignesh Raghuram

11o, Jul, 2018

Local and international gamers who aspire to be the next top pro-gamer or those who want to make a living catering towards organizing esports tournaments to entertain a global audience can sign up for ‘The Academy of Esports’.

With a focus on helping students realize the dream of an esports career, the academy focuses not only on the nitty-gritty of playing but on the elements surrounding esports as a business as well. A wide array of talent from the Malaysian esports scene will be on hand to teach attendees the ins-and-outs of the game. The academy will also hold classes to train gamers on other gaming-related fields, including event-management, which involves courses on Event Venue Setup,  Event Supply Chain / Logistic Coordination, Event Execution Coordination, and Event Customer Relation Service.

The academy's vocational certificate level classes are open to the Malaysian public as well as International students, who can sign up for the courses through Academy of Esports’ website. Classes and boot camps on how to better game mechanics and strategies will be run by professional game coaches. There will also be practice sessions with higher-level players. Those who prefer to stream games and entertain audiences can opt for classes on how to do it professionally, with proper lighting and camera set-up.

The 8-month long courses cost RM 8,500 ($2110) for Malaysian Students, and RM 11,250 ($2800) for International Student s. For more details on the programmes, click here.

Esports is a growing industry here in the SEA region. Many people have dreamed of becoming the next big thing in esports in some form or fashion but can’t seem to put their foot on the door. There could be a myriad of reasons but now, it might be easier for you to land your foot on the said door.