Team Secret and Newbee crash out of ESL One: Katowice

Vignesh Raghuram

24th, Feb, 2018
Day four of the ESL One: Katowice – Dota 2 Major saw Team Secret get eliminated from the tournament after being undefeated on the first 3 days of the event. Winning streaks were not the only thing being broken on day four, as Evil Geniuses completely broke down Newbee in the Lower-Bracket finals of Group B to book a place in the Playoffs.

Here’s a brief recap coupled with the highlights of Day 4’s matches.


Evil Geniuses vs Newbee


Evil Geniuses took on Newbee for the 42nd time in their long and storied rivalry. An Evil Geniuses squad carrying the expectations of the legendary brand and the hopes of the entire NA region. On the other hand we had Newbee who just had a dominant showing in ESL One: Genting and are 4th in the DPC points table.

Game 1:

EG opted for a well-rounded draft in game one, featuring Gyrocopter and Dragon knight in an attempt to take over the early game, and Enigma to secure the late game. EG took complete advantage of Newbee’s greed to secure an early lead. Arteezy once again spearheaded EG’s early advantage, utilizing his gold and experience lead to take over the early game in the same manner that proved so successful for them in the group stages.

Newbee quickly began losing control of the map. Before long the gold advantage had ballooned to over 10 thousand, with EG relegating the Chinese to their base for the majority of the game. In the end, EG managed to finish off the Chinese with a great Blackhole from SumaiL securing the Game 1 victory in just 20 short minutes.

Game 2:

Game 2 saw Evil Geniuses set the pace right from the start with their strong laning and Newbee had little to put up against the presence of Evil Geniuses's supports which lead EG to take a strong lead in the early game.

Evil Geniuses completely snowballed after a failed smoke gank from Newbee, who made the fatal mistake of not having enough burst for Arteezy’s Terrorblade. He managed to get off his Sunder which lead to Evil Geniuses's entire squad, who emerged with a crushing four for nothing trade. At this point, Arteezy’s with his farmed Terrorblade soon started wearing down the base of Newbee who made but futile efforts to stop him. He was the MVP of the game with his 10/0/3 record, completely destroying Newbee and securing the 2-0 victory.


Team Liquid vs Team Secret

In the first series of the day, Team Secret who dropped down from winners bracket took on Team Liquid who made it to the playoffs through a tiebreaker. Not many would have been surprised if this was the Grand Finals matchup of this Major. But, the rise of Vici Gaming and a shocking upset from Fnatic lead to the European juggernauts clashing for a spot in the playoffs.

Game 1:

Team Liquid drafted a very strong team fight lineup with a lot of huge ultimates while Team Secret went for a cheesy Meepo pick for Ace. Despite a ton of rotations and teleports around the map by Team Secret in the early game it was Team Liquid who came out on top, managing to avoid Secret's aggression. After getting a bunch of kills and a few towers under their belt, Miracle’s Phantom Lancer was starting to gain momentum. 

In the mid game, Team Liquid overwhelmed Team Secret in the team fights and got favorable exchanges having superior push. With this success, Team Liquid gained a significant lead and was in the driver's seat.

In a desperate attempt to regain control, Team Secret attempted to gank Miracle’s Phantom Lancer. This backfired heavily as GH managed to keep him alive with a Relocate. Reinforcements for Liquid arrived shortly and they won the team fight which allowed them to threaten the barracks and force a couple of buybacks. Not having buyback came into effect after a few minutes more when Liquid manage to get a good initiation, win a team fight and secure Roshan as well as three sets of barracks to force the GG

Game 2:

Even before the game started it was very clear that Team Secret’s draft and gameplan was a lot easier to execute. To survive, Liquid had to perform very well in the early game, a feat they did not succeed with. Ace’s Terrorblade was last hitting out of control and completely crushing Team Liquid with his movements.

But Liquid with Miracle’s SF started to move around the map taking tower after tower and finding pickoffs all around the map. Shortly after the 30-minute mark, Team Liquid tried to take the bottom Barracks but Team Secret managed to completely outplay Liquid as they canceled multiple TPs allowing Ace’s TerrorBlade to secure the first barracks of the game.

It was only a matter of time for Team Secret as they systematically killed one Liquid Hero after the other and utilized their huge buybacks advantage to secure the win.

Game 3:

Team Liquid looked fairly strong in the early game and dominated the lanes, especially their aggressive trilane where Miracle’s Terrorblade completely demolished Midone's Vengeful Spirit in all aspects. Matumbaman on his cheesy midlane Broodmother did equally well, if not better against the sole Batrider and even scored multiple early solo kills, earning him a pre 12-minute Desolator along with his Helm of the Dominator.

Team Secret was unable to win any fights with their Early – Mid game powered lineup which let Team Liquid secure racks and the game in just under 28 Minutes.


Evil Geniuses will now face Virtus.Pro in the first match of the Main events (Quarterfinals #2) to determine who will advance to the Semifinals to face the only SEA team remaining, Fnatic. While Team Liquid will face Vici Gaming in the other Semifinal matchup. It is going to be one hell of a day at the ESL One: Katowice major, don't miss it.

Matches Round Time in SGT Time in IST
Evil Geniuses vs Virtus.Pro Quarterfinals #2 07:00 PM 04:30 PM
Team Liquid vs Vici Gaming Semifinals #1 10:50 PM 08:20 PM
Fnatic vs Winner of QF #1 Semifinals #2 02:40 AM (25th Feb) 00:10 AM (25th Feb)
You can watch the games live HERE


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