Team Liquid announces partnership with Marvel

Aditya Singh Rawat

28o, Jun, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Team Liquid

Team Liquid has just dropped a Nuke on the esport community by revealing a year-long partnership with Marvel. The entertainment giants who are also based in America are collaborating with one of the best North American esport organizations “to bring together the worlds of heroes and professional gaming.”, as mentioned on their facebook post.

Since the last few days, everyone was shrouded by a blanket of mystery after Liquid tweeted the following,

Puzzled and perplexed the fans started to guess what it could be that Liquid was planning on revealing. And everyone was surely taken aback by the announcement, as the two come together to launch a series of new jerseys.

Currently consisting of a few varied designs, the apparel can be purchased by Clicking Here. This is the first time that Marvel is working with an esport organization and by the looks of it, the community is really loving it.

Time will tell how the partnership between the two progresses, but as of now the response is very positive and the jerseys look quite magnificent. Liquid has brought in a really big name to the world of esports and let’s see what more can the two do together within the span of this one year.