Tainted Minds, Chiefs & Ground Zero witness roster shuffles

Aditya Singh Rawat

25th, Sep, 2018

Australian professional CS:GO team Chiefs announced today that the last standing member from their original roster, Tyler ‘tucks’ Reilly, will be leaving the organization effective immediately and will instead be joining the ranks of Tainted Minds for a duration of three months. 

Both the organizations had come to an agreement over the transfer of tucks from his former team to Tainted Minds, who had also recently acquired Mike ‘ap0c’ Aliferis from Chiefs as well.

Tucks had been the captain for Chiefs since the past two years in which he led the team to victory in five CGPL  titles, an ESL title, ANZ Championship victory, along with a lot of international appearances which includes IEM Sydney, ROG Masters, IeSF World Championship, etc.

With this, tucks terminated his second venture with the organization, previously playing with them for a six-month duration from September 2015 to February 2016. 

The current roster for Chiefs is as follows: 

  • Sam ‘flickz’ Jones  

  • Matthew ‘Texta’ O’Rourke 

  • Kyran ‘dizzyLife’ Crombie 

Tainted Minds, on the other hand, is all set to start practising with some fresh faces coming into the squad, which is as follows: 

  • Chris ‘ofnu’ Hanley 

  • Ryan ‘zewsy’ Palmer 

  • Simon ‘Sico’ Williams 

  • Mike ‘ap0c’ Aliferis 

  • Tyler ‘tucks’ Reilly 

  • Fergus ‘ferg’ Stephenson – Coach 

Some Food for Thought 

Some were taken aback by this sudden transfer of tucks, that too into the side of Tainted Minds. This is because when ap0c left Chiefs, he stated a difference in team direction as a reason for his transfer while adding that, he had unfinished business as he aimed to qualify for the next majors. And this is not possible while having tucks in the team as he faces a VAC ban which will prevent Tainted Minds from participating in any of the Valve sanctioned event.

In another transfer that took place today. The former benched player from Tainted MindsCallum ‘BURNRUOk’ Henderson and a former CS-1.6 player from Immunity, Marl ‘deStiny’ Kagan joined the Ground Zero roster. 

The space for the incoming talents was managed with Jesse ‘InfrequeNt’ Barker and Steve ‘Inject’ Honan bidding farewell to Ground Zero. 

InfrequeNt is already set to join another team, which is currently not disclosed while Inject is scouting for other opportunities as a free agent. 

The new Ground Zero line-up is as follows: 

  • Nikhil ‘NikkeZ’ Victor 

  • Dylan ’kyoto’ Brown 

  • Chase ‘Xtinct’ Dickson 

  • Callum ‘BURNRUOk’ Henderson 

  • Mark ‘deStinty’ Kagan 

  • Peter ‘PeetyG’ Souvlis – Coach


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