StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 will allow the usage of 'Jump-Throw' binds

Aditya Singh Rawat

10o, Jul, 2019

The competitive Counter-Strike scene has suddenly observed a few controversial changes making their way into multiple tournaments. On 4th July StarLadder, Valve and CSPPA (Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association) took a unanimous decision to legalise “Jump-Throw scripts” in the upcoming StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 in all LAN stage matches, including the minors as well.

These binds allow players to combine the command for jumping and throwing a utility to just one key instead of pressing two separate ones. Increasing the efficiency of throwing the utility perfectly, which is often misplaced under pressure situations.

It can have quite an impact on the competitive scene, though many say that it does not matter when it comes to professional Counter-Strike with the players knowing how to throw a utility to perfection, the other side brings up the argument that this will dismiss chances of human error which are a crucial part of the game.

Let's see how these changes affect the flow of the game with the American and European Minor Championships set to start from 17th July.

But StarLadder is not the first to legalize such a change, as earlier this week, one day before the start of ESL One: Cologne 2019, ESL tweeted out that “cl_show_team_equipment”, had been given the go-ahead after discussing the issues with both the players and CSPPA (Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association).

What the command does is that, after simply enabling it using the console, it lets the user see the weaponry and utility being carried by its teammates as overhead icons through walls and smokes.

Advantages of using this command are that it keeps the team informed on the utilities being carried by every member and makes it easier for the IGL to call out the play accordingly. Also, this helps keep track of the allies on the map, their positioning while setting a cross-fire and when firing through a smoke.

The above-listed changes have observed a mixed reaction from the community. Let's see how the minors play out with the 'Jump-Throw Bind' enabled.