Signify takes down Entity Gaming to qualify on to the COBX Masters LAN

Aditya Singh Rawat

17th, Mar, 2019

Entity Gaming and Signify CS:GO faced off against each other today after reaching the Finals of COBX Masters - India Open Qualifiers. The two had recently taken on each other in the SEA Open Qualifiers of IEM Sydney 2019 where Entity had claimed a dominating victory.

Signify looking to avenge their loss were successful in their endeavour to takedown Entity by a series score of ‘2-0’ and qualify onto the Main Event.

Grand Finale

The first match between the two giants of Indian Counter-Strike took place on Inferno where Signify started off on the CT-side but could not manage to hold off Entity’s aggression as they went on the claim the half ‘9-6’. But Entity themselves found it hard to hold onto the bomb sites as Signify successfully pulled off a comeback to take the match into overtime.

It seemed that the match would see second overtime but Signify were in a hurry to close it out as Yb clutched a tight 1v1 against Dav to see Signify through to victory.

Entity in no mood to walk away with a defeat hit back strong on the second map Cache by winning the first two rounds but everything starts to fall apart as both Marzil and crazyguy tear through the ranks of Entity to take the lead ‘10-5’ at the halftime mark.

The second half observed Signify continue to hit hard as they won four rounds in succession but Entity was successful in bringing them to a stop and swung back hard to win nine rounds in a row and take the match into another overtime.

The overtime for the second time in the finals went the way of Signify as they opted for a double awp setup, one each with Marzil and crazyguy and swept Entity clean, winning the match with a score of ‘19-17’.


With this Signify CS:GO qualify onto the COBX Masters LAN taking place in Mumbai from 5th-7th April where they will be joined by the directly invited Grayhound Gaming along with B.O.O.T-d[S] and Alpha Red qualifying through the SEA Qualifier and also Global Esports coming through the India Closed Qualifier.

The loss for Entity Gaming could be a huge hit to their morale as the team gets ready to face off against some of the best Asian teams at the IEM Sydney 2019 - SEA Closed Qualifier taking place from 22nd-24th March.