Signify take on Prometheus Gaming in the WESG 2018 West and South Asia Qualifier Finals

Shounak Sengupta

7th, Nov, 2018

*Cover image sources: @Signify, @Sh1zzY

The auspicious evening of Diwali will see an intense battle as teams from two rival nations go head to head in the grand finale of qualifier #1. India’s best team by far, Signify will take on a big name from Pakistan’s Dota scene, Prometheus Gaming as only one comes out on top. The winner of this qualifier will then face the winner from qualifier #2, which takes place from the 21st of November.

A disappointing turnout

The West and South Asia Regions involve 22 nations, but only 16 teams registered for the first qualifier, and that too multiple ones from India and Pakistan. India itself had 4 known teams in LXG, Wipeout, Signify and ROG Titans. Pakistan too was represented by the likes of Portal Esports, Prometheus Gaming and Haste eSports being the prominent names. 

Pakistani teams dominate the likes of LXG and ROG Titans

In the bracket, Pakistani teams had little trouble in taking down their Indian counterparts. The new ROG Titans without Zedisbugg were soundly beaten by Prometheus Gaming while LXG fell to Haste eSports’s Meepo in the quarterfinals. In the semi-finals, Sh1zzy faced off against his former team, PES as Prometheus were able to beat their fellow countrymen 2-1. Elsewhere, Signify dispatched off Haste eSports with relative ease and are yet to drop a game in the qualifier.


Signify now face Prometheus Gaming in an exciting India vs Pakistan encounter in the grand finals later today. The match kicks off at 6 30 pm IST.