Signify put up a decent showing on Day 1 of the Acer Predator League

Vignesh Raghuram

20o, Jan, 2018
While all of SEA’s attention is rightfully focussed on the ‘Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds’, another SEA tournament worth $150,000 dollars in prizepool has silently kicked off in Jakarta, Indonesia. The great Indian hope, Signify are competing in this event and have performed quite admirably on Day 1.

Here is a brief recap of their performance in the LAN event.
Signify vs We Say No

Game 1:


Balaji “BlizzarD” took an early lead in the mid lane, bullying the opponent midlaner but We Say No earned First Blood. Signify answered by taking down a lot of early objectives using the power of Shadow Fiend’s early game Damage-Spike. Signify steadily took control of the map, and pushed their advantage buy pressuring the map and grabbing kills, Roshan, towers, and finally Barracks en route to an easy game one victory.
Game 2:

Game two saw a questionable pick and ban phase from We Say No, and Signify appeared to have the upper-hand going into the game. Raunak ‘Crowley’ Sen took complete advantage of the lack of counters against his Timbersaw, invading the enemy side of the map right off the bat, and snowballing himself to a great early game start . We Say No never managed to build any sort of momentum or advantage throughout the game, as Crowley and company dominated across the map to take the game and the series.

Hence Signify advanced to the next round where one of the tournament favorites, Geek Fam, were waiting. Geek Fam have been in great form, recently beating teams like Fnatic and Execration in the GESC: Indonesia Minor - SEA Qualifiers. It was a difficult matchup for Signify

Signify vs Geek Fam

Game 1:

The first game of the series started off a bit slow until on Raunak “Crowley” Sen on Tinker managed to catch out Kee Chyuan “Chyuan” Ng’s Zeus out of position for a first blood solo kill. After this good start, Signify went a bit cold, not finding much on the map for the next 10 minutes of gameplay. Chyuan came back from the first blood looking for some action, and was able to get off some successful ganks on Signify's cores to get Geek Fam’s lanes rolling.

Chyuan teaming up with Prieme Ejay “playhard” Banquil on Bounty Hunter and Thiay Jun ”March” Wena on the QoP were able to find multiple pickoffs on a row putting them over 8,000 gold ahead in just 15 minutes. After eventually getting an Aegis for themselves, Geek Fam was able to quite cleanly close out game one, only allowing 12 kills over to the side of the Signify.

Game 2:

In game two, we saw Chyuan have another good game, this time on the Mid Gyrocopter, getting himself a 5/1/0 scoreline by 13 minutes. Once again, Signify was on the backfoot heading into the mid game, and a flubbed gank attempt on Skemberlu’s lifestealer ended up costing them five kills to put Geek Fam well ahead in gold and xp. Signify attempted to salvage the situation by attempting to gank Geek Fam's cores but those plays ultimately ended up with them gifting, even more, kills to Geek Fam which left Signify crippled.

By 24 minutes, Geek Fam took down Roshan and secured themselves Aegis, which allowed them to push through and win the series 2-0.

Signify will now have to play through the perils of the lower bracket in order to make it to the Grand Finals. They will have to face Thailand’s Alpha Red in the Lower-Bracket Semifinals later today. It will be quite a difficult matchup for Signify, but they do have the tools to win this match and move on to the next round.