Signify likely to play Miracle stack for a spot at the WESG 2018 main event

Shounak Sengupta

29th, Nov, 2018

Signify’s win over Prometheus Gaming makes them the winners of the WESG 2018 South Asia Qualifiers means that they will now have to face the winners of the West Asia qualifiers for a spot at the main event. South and West Asia have just one slot at the 2018 WESG main event and Signify have got their work cut out for them as they are set to take on some tough opposition.

While the West Asia Qualifiers don’t seem to be done with, we do know that the Jordanian team, Orcus, which features players such as Miracle, Mage and Afromoush did win Open Qualifier #1. The results for the 2nd Open Qualifier don’t seem to have been announced but among the contenders is Gh’s Lebanese stack who did make it to the finals of OQ#1.

Either way, Signify will have to go through one of the more tougher opposition than what they are used to facing if they are to play at the WESG main event. The team had some good performances at the PvP eSports Championship in Singapore and will have to show the same kind of spirit and heart if they hope to challenge a team with a TI winner in it.

Signify roster:


Orcus roster:





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