Signify Dota 2 pushed down to the Lower Brackets after 2-0 loss to Neon Esports

Vignesh Raghuram

23rd, Dec, 2018

Image Credits: Neon Esports

India’s finest team, Signify Dota 2 just couldn’t cut it against the might of Mushi and Neon Esports here in the DreamHack India Invitational. In a relatively swift swoop, Neon Esports sent Signify to the lower brackets and became the first team to book a place in the Grand Finals.

Game 1 was a relatively straightforward stomp with Neon securing a 20-minute victory on the back of Mushi’s signature Outworld Devourer. Signify lost all three lanes in the laning stage, which lead to Neon snowballing to an early lead, which they utilized to bring down Signify.

Game 2 saw Crowley go back to his roots, with a mid-Kunkka. While Crowley held his own against Mushi’s Medusa, No_Chanc3 kept finding kills all across the map helping build a big advantage for Signify.

However, Neon Esports held the line as Mushi farmed up a storm on his Medusa. After a botched Teamfight from Signify, Mushi became a raid boss whom Signify just couldn’t kill. Signify conceded the game at around the 40-minute mark after Crowley got caught without buyback and killed off.

With this, Neon Esports move on to the Grand Finals while Signify drop down to the Lower Bracket finals where they’ll face the winner of the Mineski vs LXG Esports matchup.



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