Signify CS:GO 2-0 Bravado Gaming in the Winner Brackets Final in the DreamHack India Invitational

Vignesh Raghuram

23rd, Dec, 2018
The third and final day of DreamHack Mumbai 2018 started off with a banger as the home favourites, Signify went up against the North American invitee, Bravado Gaming in the Upper Bracket Finals of the DH India Invitational CS:GO.
Signify vs Bravado Gaming

Game 1: The two teams clashed on Dust 2 where Bravado had witnessed success against Energy in their previous encounter but Signify were unfazed, as they played some amazing rounds to push back Bravado from taking a win on their own map pick.

The crowd were ecstatic as the home team won with a convincing score of '16-11'. Surely sending Bravado a wake-up call to bring in their A game for their next bout on Mirage.
Game 2: Signify was off to a solid start, playing an amazing CT-side. Their executions were well timed as Yb called some amazing plays to gain Signify a 12-0 lead at one point.
Bravado was flailing around trying to muster rounds in their favour but Signify's momentum proved too hard to be broken until the 17th round, following which Bravado shifted gears rallying round after round in their favour.
With the match on the verge of slipping out of their hands, Signify managed to pick off a round to break Bravado's onslaught, taking the match into overtime. 
The overtime was intense but Signify managed to clutch their way through it as they defeated Bravado by a score of '19-17'.
With this, Signify has caused a huge upset by defeating Bravado gaming '2-0' and make their way onto the Grand Finals of the DH India Invitational CS:GO.
Bravado Gaming will now be playing in the Lower Bracket Finals against the winner of the Entity Gaming vs Energy Esports matchup in the Lower Bracket Finals.
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