Signify become the 3rd team to qualify for Dew Arena 2018 finals

Shounak Sengupta

29o, Aug, 2018

A high stakes Indian LAN is virtually incomplete without Team Signify and India’s number 1 team took their spot in the Dew Arena 2018 main event with a 2-0 win over Wipeout. After not playing in the first 2 qualifiers, the team that has dominated the Indian Dota scene in the last year, Signify hit another home run by becoming the 3rd team after LXG Esports and ROG Titans to make it to the final 4.

Crowley and co kicked their journey off in the ro32, taking down Team Anonymous, Chiggarus and JHS to reach the semifinals. Here they faced, ATE Gaming, but an easy clean sweep allowed them to move into the finals. From the other side of the bracket, it was the Hyderabadi side, Wipeout who had a dominating run. They had a more challenging set of opponents, having to take down both Reckoning.Infinity and District9 in their opening two matches. This was followed by victories against Warriors and Embrance Gaming as they paved their way into the finals.

In the finals, Signify picked up an Alchemist for Swifty in game 1, allowing them to trade farm efficiently as Crowley’s Tiny created space for the mid laner knowing that his team would always come out on top. However, Wipeout came online quite fast and went for a high ground attempt, managing to catch out both Swifty and BlizzarD in the process. However, they had expended too much as No_Chanc3 landed a 4 man Earth Splitter, putting an end to the proceedings and netting Signify a 5 man wipe. Having missed a crucial opportunity, Wipeout began to lose grasp of the game, making a desperate Roshan attempt as BlizzarD’s Chronoshpere caught out 4 heroes in the pit as Signify snowballed into a 25k gold lead and with an Aegis in tow, closed out the game soon after.

In game 2, Wipeout got outplayed in the laning phase, despite having strong laners and Signify played it out patiently, farming up items on their cores, knowing that there was little that Wipeout could do to stop them in the mid game. They had an easy time dealing with ClownK’s Tinker as BlizzarD’s Spectre made short work of him as Wipeout fell behind, without having the best heroes to play from a deficit. An early Roshan allowed Signify to build up a massive gold lead. At that point, there was nothing Wipeout could do against a farmed BlizzarD Spectre other than call the gg in a short-lived series.

Another Indian team feel the wrath of the mighty Team Signify and India’s number 1 team have now locked down their spot in the main event. Wipeout have one last shot at making it to the LAN and that will be via the last set of qualifiers.