Sherdils unable to take the lead against the Marksmen

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Feb, 2018
Yesterday's match was a crucial one for both teams as it would determine who would take the second spot and practically secure qualification to the playoffs. However, the teams were evenly matched and it ended in a draw.
The Sherdils are yet to lose a game in Tekken and took the win while the Marksmen evened it out with Real Cricket. Let’s see how CS: GO and Dota 2 went down.
Venom leads the charge once again
The Counter-Strike went the distance till 30 rounds before the Marksmen closed it out at 16-14. A pretty even game but Venom’s 28 frags made the difference as his side clinched the 5 points. The 2 Brutality teammates Venom and Rix, also the 2 senior players in the Marksmen squad managed to edge out a victory in cache, a map which they have looked good on earlier.
The Marksmen took a 9-6 lead in the first half, exploiting the weaker CT side economy well and thanks to some well drilled executes which by the looks of things they have been working on behind the scenes. The Sherdils came back in the second half, evening the score at 9-9 after the pistol round win. However,their repeated A-side hits revealed some part of their strategy allowing the Marksmen to take their first round. Ritz and the boys started to put more efforts in getting mid control and smoking out Rix and eventually the score was tied at 12-12. The Sherdils would reach 14 rounds using the highly risky double AWP set up on the T side but it wasn’t meant to be as the Marksmen realized that the money was stretched with the buy and finished them off clinically.
Sherdils pummel the Marksmen in Dota
In Dota, the Sherdils were clearly the better team as they easily took down the Marksmen to secure the draw. Their draft had team fight and damage in the mid to late game and were only weak in the laning phase, something which the Marksmen were unable to exploit. The Marksmen had very little chances past the 35-minute mark with a Spectre on the playing field for the Sherdils and were unable to pull off a comeback. While the game lasted 48 minutes, it was only because the Sherdils were farming their way to an unlosable situation while all the Marksmen could do was watch and hope for a miracle. However, none came their way and they saw their base crumble as Mamacita’s 16/4/27 performance on the Mirana was a perfect reminder of how the game actually went.
The Sherdils missed a golden opportunity to go to the second place in the table but it’s very likely that both these teams will end up in the playoffs. 


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