Sherdils in hot pursuit

Shounak Sengupta

9th, Feb, 2018
Sherdils picked up yet another emphatic win over the Crusaders, continuing their good run and closing the gap to the top of the table. The Crusaders' poor run continues and they have only picked up 33 points after 7 games at U Cypher.
The Sherdils are yet to be beaten at Tekken and managed to win in Real Cricket as well giving themselves an early 6 point lead. Let’s see what happened in Dota 2 and CS: GO.
That's two wins in Counter-Strike over the Sherdils for the Crusaders
The Crusaders completed a double over the Sherdils in Counter-Strike picking up a 16-14 win on Overpass. The match was a complete slugfest but the Crusaders had a better T side, allowing them to take the win. The Sherdils started off the T side, finishing the half with a 3 round lead at 9-6. Captain Ritz, looked on sharp on the AWP playing aggressive and taking early picks, allowing the T’s to have an advantage when breaching the sites.
The second half started with a pistol win for the Crusaders who were now on the T side, allowing them to eventually tie the score at 9-9. The Sherdils bounced back on their gun round, with a superb hold on the B site to take the lead once more. They would end up putting more rounds the board forcing an eco which they won as well. The T side had to wait for their buy once more and managed to exploit the weaker CT economy to again even up the scores at 13-13. After winning another round, the Sherdils were reset once again, and this time unable to make a comeback as the Crusaders closed it out 16-14. A very tense game for both sides and Rex and RiTz both ended up with 30 frags each.
Remstar's Medusa unable to carry the Crusaders to victory
Once more we saw another hour long match up at U Cypher this time pitting the Crusaders Medusa and Luna against the Sherdils Sniper and Juggernaut. On paper, the Crusaders had a far superior late-game lineup with an incredible amount of aoe damage but the Sherdils outplayed them to get the win. A bit surprising that a team with a Medusa, Luna, Shadow Demon and a Tidehunter with Refresher lost the late game battle but that just goes to show the unpredictable nature of Dota.
The key hero in the Sherdils lineup was the Winter Wyvern whose ultimate would be key in blowing up enemy heroes and also their Doom who got some clutch Doom’s off on the Tidehunter preventing the initiation. The Sherdils got off to an early lead, just brute forcing fights when the Ravage was down, picking up a massive 11k lead by the 24-minute mark. The Crusaders were by no means out of it but they had lost the middle and bottom set of barracks before 30 minutes.
The Sherdils were extremely disciplined when breaching high ground, using some very smart siege tactics and some very patient manoeuvres to do structural damage. After a while, the Crusaders were basically fighting from their base exclusively as it was near impossible for them to leave their throne and go elsewhere. However mega creeps became too tall of a task for them to overcome as the Sherdils were very patient for the most part. A single lost fight cost them their mid lane and they became extremely alert and closed out the game cleanly from there.
With that, the Sherdils move to the second spot in the table, but the Marksmen, who are only a point behind, still have a game to play.


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