?Sherdils and Yodhas play out a tie once again

Shounak Sengupta

5th, Feb, 2018
It seems like the Yodhas and the Sherdils are evenly matched as their second match in the season also ended up in a draw. The Sherdils missed an opportunity to close the gap on the Yakshas and the Marksmen and have been stuck in the third position for a while now.
The Sherdils continued their unbeaten streak in Tekken as Huns put up yet another win on the board. The Yodhas bounced back with Real Cricket to tie up the score. Last time around, the Sherdils won the Dota match while the Yodhas took the game in in Counter-Strike. Let’s see how things turned out this time.
Sherdils catch the Yodhas napping
The Yodhas may have come out on top in the first match, but they were completely caught with their pants down this time on cache. They pretty much got a whooping from the Sherdils and were really not on point with their aim and their duels. As with yesterdays match, the CT side setup was less than perfect for both sides as the Sherdils ended the first half 10-5. After the switch, the Yodhas went all in on the A site and their gamble didn’t turn out well as the Sherdils had also stacked correctly. With that, the game was effectively over as the round deficit was too much for an already struggling team to overcome.

Yodhas team fight too much for the Sherdils to handle
The Yodhas drafted a decent teamfight lineup with a Tidehunter, Earthshaker, Luna and Venomancer. This coupled with the fact that they made tanky items made it really difficult for the Sherdils to fight into them. The BKB’s came a little too late for Mamacita and his team. They did well in the early stages of the game with a roaming Nightstalker and lots of single target damage to pressure the lanes. However once the Yodhas reached their level 6’s, it became really hard for heroes like the Nightstalker and the Storm to jump in and single out targets. The Sherdils would try and avoid team fights and take tower trades for the most part but when push came to shove they crumbled and couldn’t defend their high ground.
A relatively quicker game than most we see at U Cypher, but the Yodhas had a solid gameplan, and the much more executable draft, allowing them to come out on top.

On paper, Sherdils have the best squad in U Cypher, but sometimes it's not just about the players. We came up with great coordination and communication just played the basic doto and did our comeback. - Kael, offlaner for the Yodhas

A very different game from the last time the two teams met, as the Sherdils took Counter-Strike and the Yodhas answered back with Dota. Just goes to show how chaotic things are at U Cypher.


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