Second To None - MVP's commitment to be the best

Aditya Singh Rawat

10th, Apr, 2019

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you cannot reach what you aim for. Some cannot fathom their failure, resulting in a breakdown. They abandon their ambitions opting for the easy way out, but then there are a few who accept their defeat and try to push past it, to evolve. Which is exactly the way of MVP PK.

The Korean powerhouse has been around the top of the Asian circuit for a long time now but they could never become the breakout team from the region courtesy Tyloo. The Chinese team has been an impassable barrier in MVP’s way for a long time now, always keeping them in a constant pursuit to become the best team in the region.

Throughout 2018, MVP has performed consistently well, dominating the regional circuit and successfully staying amongst the top teams from the region. But whenever there came an opportunity to qualify for international events they were met by an overwhelming opponent, Tyloo, one they had faced quite a few times but have found extremely difficult to overcome.

We can easily notice a trend taking into account just last years performance for MVP PK where they were acing their way through regional events like DaddySkins Asia Super League, CS:GO Asia Summit and ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND Asia CS:GO 2018.

On top of this, they were also able to qualify through the qualifiers of most of the international events like Zotac Cup Masters, ESL Pro League Season 7, IEM Sydney 2018, IEM Chicago 2018.

Image Credit: HLTV

The catch here is that Tyloo was not part of any of the regional events while the qualifiers through which MVP made its way to the Main Event, they failed to put up a good enough performance.

MVP faced Tyloo a total of three times, losing to them on two occasions while barely managing to win once during the Finals of the IEM Sydney 2018 - Asian Qualifier. Tyloo’s performance in International matches was also far better than MVP’s which limited their reach when it came to international exposure, hence unable to add credibility to their skill.

Image Credit: Liquipedia

In 2018, MVP PK was on the HLTV Global Rank List for barely four months averaging a global rank of 27.5, this shows that even though MVP made it into the Rank List they couldn’t climb high enough.

On top of the game within the region, MVP could never exploit the international scene because of Tyloo. Though honestly, Tyloo were not the only barrier in their way, the Chinese kingpins were definitely the one that MVP had to overtake in order to succeed.

But MVP PK did not give up that easily, they did not abandon their dreams instead they made some necessary changes. Operating a roster with the highest average age the team decided to part ways with both the senior members, solo and glow and instead opted for the young and talented GOSU trio of HSK, Jinx and stax.

Till now the new, young, experienced and explosive MVP PK has been mighty successful qualifying for the IEM Sydney 2019 and ESL Pro League Season 9 - Asia Qualifier while standing victorious at the recently concluded COBX Masters 2019.

Image Credit: HLTV

But the test has not been aced quite yet with the Korean Powerhouse still requiring to perform exceptionally well in the international events, to move up the Rank List and close the growing gap between them and Tyloo.

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