Scantzor alleges mistreatment, non-payment of dues and unprofessionalism from former employers Mineski, Entity Gaming and GESC

Shounak Sengupta

30th, Oct, 2018

Cover image source: @Sid Joshi

Former Entity Gaming coach Anthony ‘Scantzor’ Hodgson shared his experiences of mistreatment, non-payment of dues while working in the SEA region with Mineski, ETG and GESC. The coach/analyst was last seen working with the ETG Dota team, which has since disbanded.


He also coached Mineski in 2016 and was part of the talent at the GESC Minors in Thailand and Indonesia.


In a blog post, Scantzor talks about the alleged malpractices and difficulties he faced while working with orgs in the SEA region, putting his own future at risk in what seems to be an effort to try and not only get it off his chest but try and bring changes to the system and expose the accused. Among the parties accused, only ETG has made an effort to respond and for now, the story is still developing.

GESC have allegedly failed to compensate talent, players and staff for their events 

It’s nearly November, and I am yet to be paid for my work at GESC Jakarta in March or GESC Bangkok in May. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has been paid for either event?—?not company staff, not talent, not players, nobody.

  • Scantzor emphasises on his work as a consultant with GESC. He shared a good relationship with Oskar, their CEO and was generally happy with the company, how they functioned and how things were processed.

  • However, Scantzor goes onto say that he believes that the company had some issues with their investors and funding and despite the right intentions, they had trouble making payments for the talent for GESC Bangkok and Indonesia.

Mineski accused of exploiting players
  • Scantzor talks about a very harsh and exploitative company culture with strict policies on not interacting with other organizations, players, management etc.

  • He also mentions that when he was later moved onto the coach role for Mineski’s other org, HappyFeet, where he couldn't get much done as the players weren’t really fluent in English making his job quite hard.

  • At this point the Mineski organization and him grew distant and as part of a new restructure, he was moved to a different house. "It did not have flushing toilets. It did not have drinkable water. It did not have a stove or a fridge or any basic kitchen equipment to use for the preparation of food. And it was pretty infested with cockroaches and mosquitoes. I raised all of these issues immediately with HR, and was told directly that I was “being a demanding foreigner”. After repeated efforts on my part, these issues started to gradually be addressed, but not before I lived under these conditions for over a month."

  • Another important point that Scantzor brings across is the fact that Mineski were supposedly exploiting the HappyFeet players by paying them low salaries, lower than the minimum wage in the Philippines. "When I raised the issue with Ronald, he told me I didn’t understand “Filipino mentality” and that paying players more would only result in them wasting that money. I think the cultural claim is ridiculous, but even if it were true it still wouldn’t justify paying employees unfairly."

  • Additionally, he talks about Mineski trying to push their players into very one-sided contracts and the fact that he himself faced contractual issues that were never resolved eventually leading to his termination.

When I enquired about severance, I was told in no uncertain terms that the organisation did not consider itself to owe us anything - Scantzor on contractual disputes with ETG

With Entity Gaming, Scantzor’s major issue stems from the fact that he wasn’t compensated fairly after the team was disbanded.


This decision was made two months into my one year contract with Entity. Most of my players also had new one year contracts, and some of them were only a month into theirs. When I enquired about severance, I was told in no uncertain terms that the organisation did not consider itself to owe us anything. Severance, they said, applies to employees who have been working for a company for a long time and since we’d only recently started we wouldn’t be eligible. They also repeatedly insisted that we weren’t being “fired” as such, but rather that the team was simply being “let go”. I was, and continue to be, confused about where the distinction between those two things is meant to be.



They took some time to consider this, and came back to me with an offer of 15 days severance, emphasizing the fact that this was an act of generosity on their part, and that they were under no contractual obligation to pay anyone any severance.

That was, of course, bullshit. Here’s a screenshot of the beginning of the “termination” section of my contract. It implies a basic minimum of one month notice before dismissal, which I take to correspond to a basic minimum of one-month severance for any immediate dismissal.


In the end Scantzor mentions that he took the 15 days of pay as it was difficult for him to pursue a legal case in a foreign country and given the fact that they were all staying in the ETG house at the time made it difficult for him and the players to bring up issues.

Nobody wanted to risk a dispute resulting in losing out on a flight home, not to mention compromising our feeling of safety, given that we were still living in Entity’s team house for the time being.


ETG manager Sid ‘boogiesan’Joshi also responded via his own blog post which can be found here. His TL:DR mentions the following 3 points:

  • I let him go because he sabotaged my roster and spoilt our relationship with a potential recruit.

  • The contract never mentioned a severance package and we still gave him 15 days salary as goodwill.

  • None of my players ever felt unsafe under my care. My players can attest to this.


However, Scantzor did respond to a particular point which was brought up by Sid and it seems that Deth, who was a part of the team at the time also appears to be backing him up. The particular exchange happened on a reddit thread and at this point we are yet to confirm whether it is indeed Deth posting via that username.

In fact the entire reddit thread is filled back and forth between Scantzor and Sid and can be found here


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