Roster update: Envy, Sneyking and Skem to leave Complexity

Shounak Sengupta

15th, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: @ESL Dota

In a surprise announcement by NA org, Complexity, EternalEnvy and Sneyking have both been removed from the team as per their request while Skem has been taken off the active roster, as he tries to find a new team. 


While both EE and Sneyking have left of their own volition, Complexity General Manager and COO, Kyle Bautista mentions that Skem’s recent remarks at the Dreamleague Minor, means that there are concerns that he will not be able to represent the brand in the right way. His attempts at getting a visa for Canada to boot camp with the rest of the team was also unsuccessful. With both these concerns in mind, he has moved out of the active roster as he looks to find another team for now.


This leaves the team with only two remaining players: Zfreek and Limmp.