ROOONS and The Final Tribe bow out of the Dreamleague Minor

Shounak Sengupta

2nd, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: @DreamHack Dota

The opening two lower brackets game saw the first 2 teams eliminated from the Dreamleague Season 10 Minor. With one team from EU and one from NA eliminated, this leaves a total of 6 teams, one from each region remaining in the competition.

Infamous outplay ROOONS

In the first lower bracket game of the day, SA representatives, Infamous took a clean 2-0 victory over BSJ’s team, eliminating them from the competition. Papita’s Storm Spirit ran amok in game 1 as 0 stun lineup coming out of ROOONS could do little to prevent the slaughter. In game 2, ROOONs had limited ways to approach the Phoenix egg and though they were able to take some good teamfights, ultimately, once Timado’s Morphling came fully online, there was little they could do in the engagements.

Vega Squadron survive another day

Despite a poor run in the group stages, Vega Squadron squeezed out a win against the Swedish stack, The Final Tribe. TFT won game 1 rather easily, never allowing the greedy cores of Vega to come online. However, Vega struck back in game 2 on the back of a monster performance from Madara on the Terrorblade. In game 3 it was Dendi who stepped up after a long time giving us a glimpse of why he was once considered the best player in the world. Despite a hard laning phase, he roamed the map effectively, setting up kills with his Tiny. Combined with MNT’s support Axe, they were able to get good initiations each time and closed out the game near the hour mark.


Stay tuned for all the updates from the upper bracket.