ROG Dreamleague Season 8 - SEA Qualifiers - Day 1 recap

Vignesh Raghuram

18th, Nov, 2017
The first day of the Dreamleague SEA Qualifiers has come to an end, Mineski and Fnatic looking fairly dominant in their matches and TNC Pro Team eliminating Happy Feet from the tournament. All of the matches were high-octane and highly-skilled affairs which the SEA scene has come to represent.
Here’s a short recap of all 3 games that took place yesterday.
Upper Bracket Semifinals 1: Fnatic vs TNC Pro Team

Game 1:
This game was a perfect example of how to take a lead and push it to a win. After outplaying and killing Kuku’s midlane Phantom Lancer multiple times in the laning stage, Abed was off to a fantastic start on his Queen of Pain finishing his Orchid Malevolence in under 15 minutes. Using that, he secured two towers in the bottom lane, and gained complete control of the Radiant jungle. Fnatic soon saw themselves with a 6K gold lead at 20 minutes.
They used this gold lead to pressure the map and to secure multiple pick offs. TNC’s Gyrocopter failed to have much impact in the game as Fnatic avoided large scale teamfights. Using consistent pressure tactics and superior map control, Fnatic took all of TNC’s outer towers eventually leading to a 20K gold lead for Fnatic at 30 minutes.
Fnatic secured the Aegis and forced TNC to a teamfight where the killed four members of TNC, took the middle barracks, and ended the game.
Game 2:
Fnatic had a clear advantage in map control, objectives and gold from the beginning of the game. A slow and methodical deconstruction of TNC Pro Team left them reeling as Fnatic found kill after kill for themselves thanks to Abed’s fantastic Puck performance along with DJ on the roaming Earth Spirit in the early-midgame. Despite many mistakes made on the side of Fnatic (Particularly courtesy EternalEnvy’s Gyrocopter), TNC was too far behind to find any sort of foothold for a comeback.
The game should have been much easier to take for Fnatic. Thankfully for TNC Pro Team, they had a very strong splitpush with Raven’s Lone Druid and Kuku’s Queen of Pain. Both were making plays around the map, whether that meant getting objectives or pick offs, which kept TNC in the game. But a few crucial pickoffs from Abed put an end to the TNC split push and left them hurting, as Fnatic took game two to win the series.

Upper Bracket Semifinals 2: Mineski vs Happy Feet

Game 1:
Mineski were off to a flyer as a few early ganks from ninjaboogie’s Nightstalker and Jabz’s Rubick gave them an early advantage. Mineski used this advantage as Iceiceice and Moon were getting some ridiculous farm while Mushi was sacked. But it was all worth it as Iceiceice and company started making plays around the map, getting kills and objectives where they could.
But even though Happy Feet were behind in the gold and exp department, every teamfight was dead even, with no team gaining a clear advantage over the other. But come lategame, the gold difference was too much for Happy feet to Handle. After two pickoffss in the late game, Mineski secured an Aegis and Cheese, giving them enough of an advantage to start winning fights. With a clear power advantage, Mineski had no trouble taking down Happy Feet and winning game one.
Game 2:
Game 2 was also an action-packed affair. Mineski drafted themselves a very aggressive lineup which was centered around the Iceiceice Monkey King and Mushi’s Centaur Warrunner. Even though Mineski’s aggressive bot lane had failed as they repeatedly fed kills to Happy Feet’s carry Vengeful Spirit, and the other two lanes drawing even, Mineski’s midgame play was spectacular.

Mushi’s blink dagger played a crucial part in Mineski winning teamfights and skirmishes over and over again which lead them to secure Aegis for the Moon Templar Assassin. The Aegis played a crucial part in Mineski winning a teamfight near the Happy Feet bottom tier 3, which lead to them securing to two lanes of barracks which in turn lead to them winning the game.
Elimination Match: Happy Feet vs TNC Pro Team
Game 1:
In a slugfest, TNC Pro Team took game one of this series courtesy of an incredible sniper performance from Kuku who completely dominated the Happy Feet midlaner. Fast forward 10 minutes and TNC found several kills in a teamfight in the mid lane, which they used to grab an early Roshan. They used the Aegis to demolish all of HF’s outer towers with ease. All while this was occurring, Raven’s Chaos Knight was freely farming. After a few minutes of lull after the Aegis expired, a team-fight emerged in HF’s jungle. Off of Raven’s highly farmed Chaos Knight, TNC easily shredded Happy Feet and rushed down mid lane, closing out the game at 40 minutes.

Game 2:
The second game in this debut series was all about Benhur’s QoP. After utterly dominating the Kuku Tinker in the mid lane, Benhur used his gold lead to gain advantages for the rest of his team, finding kills all around the map. By 18 minutes, Benhur was 5-0. But despite finding so many kills during early skirmishes, it was TNC who had secured themselves a lead of over 2000 gold lead by 20 minutes. Kuku’s Tinker and Raven’s signature Terrorblade had recovered fairly well and were now leading the networth charts.

At 24 minutes, after a bit of dead-time on the map, Happy feet took a teamfight against TNC thanks to Benhur’s fantastic initiation taking out the backline TNC supports, winning them the teamfight. From this point, HF closed out the game as TNC just couldn’t handle their Spectre and Benhur’s Queen of Pain, ending game two at 46 minutes to take the series to a Game 3.
Game 3:
Game 3 was an utter outdraft from 1437. A Chaos Knight just can’t play his usual one shotting game against a hero like Medusa who instagibs his illusions. Kuku ran rampant in game two on Medusa. Even though Benhur would have one of the best games of his life, on his storm spirit. Kuku’s draft advantage allowed TNC to take control of the map, roaming to the different lanes.
Kuku and TNC had complete control of this game, so when a team-fight broke out at the mid lane, it was no surprise to see TNC win the team-fight barely breaking a sweat, taking out four members of HF. With only one member of HF remaining, TNC grabbed a free Roshan. With their Aegis, TNC rushed down mid lane to end game three relatively quickly, under 40 minutes, thus eliminating Happy Feet from the Dreamleague major contention.

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