?Revenge on the cards

Shounak Sengupta

9th, Feb, 2018
The 21st match of the season was a particularly exciting one as the previous encounter had been a complete whitewash for the Marksmen. Captain of the Akramaks, Kappa had vowed to get revenge for the humiliating defeat but things didn’t entirely go his way.
The Marksmen started things off strong, taking the win in both Real Cricket and Tekken and already Kappa’s chances of getting a revenge clean sweep were gone. However, his team could redeem themselves in Dota and Counter-Strike. Let’s see how things turned out.
Manan on fire for the Akramaks once again
Manan has been the Akramaks top Counter-Strike player for the entirety of the season and once again he proved his mettle, by top fragging for his team and helping them to a victory. A solid CT side from them gave them the edge going into the second half and it was enough to get the win. However, the match started off poorly for them as they lost the pistol and the next 2 rounds. They would come back in their first gun round to even up the score and managed to reset the Marksmen multiple times to take a 10-5 advantage.
They lost the pistol round once again in the second half and the Marksmen made an incredible comeback on the back of slowiN to take 8 consecutive rounds. However, the T’s had figured out the CT side setups by then and never slipped up from that point on. They closed out inferno 16-13.
Akramaks pick up their second Dota win of the season
The Akramaks pulled out an uncommon Arc Warden pick to pick up their second win of the season, taking the match with 10 points to the Marksmen’s 6. It was a pretty solid game from both of the Akramak’s cores as they took over the game once their items were up. The Marksmen went for a pickoff heavy line up but unfortunately, they couldn’t get much done. The Akramaks won the early game with better rotations and their 4 man involving the Tidehunter was hard to initiate into. This allowed the Arc Warden lots of time to farm up.
The Tinker pick on the Marksmen allowed them to delay for quite a bit, but the Akramaks were always ahead, farming more of the map and taking more objectives. Once they caught out the Tinker, it was an easy to go high ground and they closed out the game at around the 50-minute mark.
The Marksmen slip up and are in the second place behind the Yakshas while the Akramaks maintain their 4th position.


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