Renegades qualify as Tyloo's win streak comes to an end at the New Challengers Stage

Aditya Singh Rawat

15th, Feb, 2019

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The second day of the New Challengers Stage came to an end with the Asian teams holding their own really well while the Australians were in a bit of a clinch as Renegades qualified but Grayhound departed. 

Renegades became the leader of the pack after becoming the first team to qualify through the New Challengers Stage. The Australian team blazed through their matches winning all three match-ups one after the other, defeating AVANGAR followed by NiP and ENCE. 

But their partner from down under, Grayhound, were on a totally opposite track as they were knocked out of the tournament yesterday, becoming the first team to get eliminated from the Majors. Grayhound could not muster a single game to their name as they lost three consecutive match-ups to Cloud9, Vitality and Fnatic. 

Tyloo were brutal on the opening day of the event winning back-to-back games against Vitality and Cloud9 but seemed to hit a wall yesterday against a destructive NRG. Tyloo were quite satisfied by their performance after fighting tooth and nail against NRG who took them down ‘2-0’ to qualify onto the next stage. 

ViCi Gaming, the second team from China and also the dark horses of this event have been knocking down their opponents with utmost ease and controlled aggression. They went on to shock everyone by knocking down the top-seeded Fnatic in the opening game of the event, though they were cut short by NRG the team bounced back yesterday to thrash Cloud9, now just one win away from qualifying on to the Legends Stage.

The Asian Behemoth

The new Tyloo gave NRG a really tough competition on Inferno, where BnTeT was on fire handling NRG single-handedly twice to keep Tyloo in the run.

Somebody was feeling good, having a presence all over the map with his super aggressive playstyle, getting some great flanks on NRG.

Xccurate was nowhere near Cerq but held his own to provide Tyloo with a fighting chance. Summer and Attacker were great with their aim, trading really well which gave Tyloo a chance to take the match down till the very end. 

Though losing out on their own map pick, Tyloo surely shook NRG who had crushed them in their previous faceoff at the grand finals of IEM Shanghai 2018. 

Tyloo gave everything they had on Mirage as well but were overwhelmed by the aggression of Brehze along with Cerq’s sniping. Tyloo might have taken a knee against the might of NRG but have surely instilled a sense of fear within them.

Renegades have proven themselves to be a serious competitor who have improved a lot and are determined to make it all the way through. While both the Asian teams have been really impressive, it is ViCi Gaming that has taken the limelight, the way they have been performing is not what you expect from a team comprising of four players who are playing in a Major for the very first time.

Hope to see both Tyloo and ViCi make it through onto the next stage.

The schedule for today’s matches is as follows: 

  • Vitality vs ViCi Gaming | 17:30 IST

  • Tyloo vs AVANGAR | 21:00 IST

  • ENCE vs Winstrike | 00:30 IST


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