Registrations for the 2019 SEA Games: Singapore Region Qualifiers are now open

Vignesh Raghuram

1o, Feb, 2019

Image Credits: Hardwarezone

Representing a country in an International sporting event is a dream for many aspiring esports professionals. So when the SEA Games 2019 opted to include esports as a disciple, fans and players were understandably hyped about it. Now, selections for the opportunity to represent the country in 6 esports: Dota 2, Starcraft II, Tekken 7, NBA 2K, Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends have finally started kicking off.

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Singapore has become the first country to kick off the qualifiers to select the teams/players that will represent their country in the SEA Games 2019.


Qualifier Details


The qualifiers will be organized by the Singapore Esports Association (SGEA). An Open qualifier will be held in March 2019 after which the Top 8 teams/players will contest in the National Selection Finals which has been scheduled to take place in May 2019.

Two players each for Tekken 7 and Starcraft II will be selected to represent Singapore in the SEA Games 2019, and will “will fill the team for each Team event” including Dota 2, NBA 2K, Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends.

This selection process has reportedly been approved by national sports agency Sport Singapore and the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC).


Registration Info


Players and Teams can register for the Singapore Esports Open Qualifiers via these links.

  • Individual Events - HERE

  • Team Events - HERE


Individuals and teams who have placed third or higher previously at the regional level should sign up for the qualifiers, and can then request the Singapore Esports Association to be directly invited to the Singapore Esports National Selection (Finals) as one of four seeds.

A registration fee of $10 per player will also be charged for registration. Registration will also include a 1-year membership to the Singapore Esports Association.

Details of the qualifiers of other regions competing in the SEA Games 2019 are yet to be announced.

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