Recca Esports makes it through to the ESL One Cologne - Asia Closed Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat

26th, Apr, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Recca Esports

The ESL One Cologne 2019 - Asia Open Qualifier #2 is about to come to an end with Recca qualifying through to the Asia Closed Qualifier and one last slot remaining for the winner of the EHOME & IPET Gaming match-up.

The first bout of the day witnessed Recca go up against Absolute. Both the teams had a great run to reach the finals.

Road To Finale

Recca had to go up against multiple tier-three teams like Fighting Toxics, Lynn Vision Gaming and Metronoia.GG. They had a pretty comfortable time dealing with all of them. It was only after reaching the semifinals that Recca came to face a worthy opponent in the form of NASR eSports.

The match that ensued was the most intense match of the qualifier going to triple overtime before Recca were finally able to contain the Middle Eastern mammoths. KitKat and Nami from NASR played their hearts out, giving one of their best performances yet but unfortunately, they were not able to take convert their efforts into a win.

Absolute also faced a couple of easy initial opponents before ArkAngel in the semifinals. Though not many would have put their money on the Japanese line-up, Absolute really impressed everyone by taking them down on Dust 2 with such panache.

Recca-less Ambition

The Finale was sadly one-sided with Recca taking down Absolute in two back-to-back matches. The first match was short-lived as Recca made quick work of Absolute on Inferno, their own map pick. Recca had a strong T side taking a lead of 9 rounds and quickly wrapped up the match in the second half to secure a win by a score of ‘16-5’.

The following match was played on Mirage where Absolute did put up a brilliant fight but the end result was still in favour of Recca who took them down after making a comeback into the game in the second half by a score of ‘16-13’.

Image Credit: HLTV

Indian Teams At The Qualifier

All the Indian teams participating in the event were knocked out in the first day itself. Signify and God Particles were the ones who were able to win a few rounds as Global eSports went down in its opening match.

Signify had an interesting opening match going up against Tempus Troupe, Marzil’s stack, which turned out be a really close brush for the Indian team.

With this, Recca moves on to the Asia Closed Qualifier to join Alpha Red & BTRG who have already made their way through the first open qualifier.

Stay tuned to find out who takes the last slot, EHOME or IPET Gaming.


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