[Recap] Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup Main Event

Nishant Patel

25o, Aug, 2014
The main event of the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup - Mumbai Dota 2 LAN has come to a resounding close.

8 teams battled it out through a double elimination bracket on the 24th of August, 2014 at Bhaidas Hall, Vile Parle for a total prize pool of INR 2,00,000 plus sponsored goodies.

Oblique Gaming demolished the competition without so much as batting an eye while Team Born For Killing snagged the second place after securing a breathtaking win over NeckBREAK eSports in the lower bracket finals.

Here's a detailed recap of the tournament and teams that participated.
First Impressions

At first glance, Bhaidas Hall doesn't come across as an ideal location for an e-sports event of this scale and calibre however all doubts were put to rest as soon as our crew entered the premises.

The venue comprised of three distinct areas. An outer area with product showcase booths set up by tournament sponsors - BenQ, Thermaltake, ASRock, CM Storm and Gigabyte.

The spectator area was initially located outside however due to the sweltering heat it was eventually shifted inside.
TE Gaming Spectators
Spectator Area (outside)

TE Gaming Cup Spectator Area (inside)
Spectator Area (Inside)

The inside of the venue comprised of the tournament area (20 PC set up for participants) and a stage prize distribution area / stage. This is where the spectators were eventually accomodated.

TE Gaming Cup Tournament Area
Tournament Area
The stage area served as the location for the prize distribution ceremony, the event's conclusion as well as giveaway announcements. Plenty of swag was up for grabs at the event keeping participants and spectators entertained and engaged throughout.
Taiwan Excellence Giveaway Winner
Giveaway Winner on the Main Stage
Tournament Standings

Oblique Gaming's new roster proved to be way too polished for any other teams to contest the top spot as they crushed their way through the upper bracket to win the tournament without dropping a single game.

Previous interviews and discussions with the team have revealed that they now have their eyes set on making a lasting impact on the South East Asian and global circuit.

Team Born For Killing seemd to have fixed most of their problems as they secured the runner up spot. For a team that lacked a strong early game in during the qualifiers, they left no stone unturned in that department for the main event. Their last win versus NeckBREAK was a heartstopping game that involved extremely back and forth battles between both teams.

The final brackets for the tournament are as follows :

Winners - Oblique Gaming

Oblique Gaming

Runners Up - Born For Killing

Born For Killing

3rd Place - NeckBREAK eSports

NeckBREAK eSports

4th Place - Rapier Gaming

Rapier Gaming

5th Place - Inner Peace

Inner Peace

6th Place - Xtreme Gaming

Xtreme Gaming

7th Place - All India Rejects

All India Rejects

8th Place - Direct Ghar Pe

Direct Ghar Pe

Every Indian Dota 2 LAN that our crew has attended has been better than the last. The TE Gaming Cup Mumbai Dota 2 LAN was no exception to this trend and AFK Gaming is glad to have been a part of it.

Taiwan Excellence has infused a fresh breath of life into the Indian Dota 2 scene (particulary for Mumbaikars) and we hope that they are here to stay.

The event was a real delight for both gamers and intermediaries. Our coverage team experienced no hiccups or hindrances while getting content for you guys, while back in the studio our casters were always kept in the loop about match schedules and changes. Games were played back to back with minimal delays and for once, an Indian Dota 2 LAN tournament actually ended on time!
The unsung heroes of this outcome are without a doubt the admins and volunteers that poured their heart and soul into making sure things go right and stay right.

The quality of matches was impressive as well and Indian Dota 2 teams really seem to be stepping up their game. A lot of new faces made an appearance in this tournament such as Rapier GamingXtreme GamingAll India RejectsInner Peace and Direct Ghar Pe
We hope that this new generation of competitive players are in for the long haul because truth be told, they've got a pot load of potential.

At the same time, teams BFK and NeckBREAK will probably need to go back to the drawing board to evaluate what brand of Chawanprash Oblique Gaming has been feeding their players because those guys are on a whole different level right now.