[Recap] Arcana Arena Day 1

Nishant Patel

31st, Aug, 2014
Day One of the Arcana Arena Dota 2 Tournament has concluded and eight teams have secured their slots for the next phase. Teams from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malaysia signed up for this thirty two team - community funded - single elimination online Dota 2 tournament.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this tournament was NeckBREAK e-Sports' defeat at the hands of TwT in round 2.

The stakes are high as five arcanas are up for grabs and only one team will walk away victorious.

The final eight are as follows.
Oblique Gaming
It comes as no surprise that OG has secured their spot in the second phase of the tournament. They're looking mighty strong to take another tournament win here thereby adding another feather in their cap. After their recent 2 - 0 loss to Volan Turtures in the JoinDOTA League Season 3 - the team is on a warpath and are looking to crush their opponents with minimal resistance.
The team from Bangladesh has had a strong showing thus far taking fairly convincing wins over Team WD and AtmosFear Gaming. Their real challenge has yet to reveal itself as they will be taking on Oblique Gaming in their next game.
One of the more volatile elements of this tournament, this is a team named exclusively after one of their players - Changez_khan (CK?). Their performance has been good thus far as they've come out relatively unscathed versus RG (not Rapier Gaming) and The Fast Five.
Out of the three TAG (Team Azazel Gaming) teams that signed up for the tournament, only Team 2 has made it this far. After securing clutch victories versus Shadowplay Gaming from Bangladesh and Regula Fractoribus, they now find themselves facing off against Changez_khan.
A team not to be taken lightly. Dota veteran Pyro is a part of the team's roster along with former Respawn Gaming member Uni. Their latest achievement is a victory against NeckBREAK eSports - a team considered by many to be among the top 3 of Indian Dota. They now turn their sights onto Handbreak e-sports - a team that may no longer have a purpose... in life! Read on to know more.
Handbreak E-Sports
Xcarnation's new team, formed for one purpose alone - to take down his former team NeckBREAK e-Sports. Althought NB used three standins for this game they did go down and are no longer in the running for that sweet Dota 2 in-game swag.
A quote from the Handbreak's brand spanking new Facebook page ought to shed some more light on the situation :

" Neckbreak removed `X` from their roster but his heart didn't break but his hand did !! So here it is HandBreaK Esports ! The new home of `X`"

The Bangladeshi powerhouse continues to be a top contender in this tournament. A clutch victory over TAG Pro (Rapier Gaming) has placed the team in a match up versus ewe_yolo. The team consists of some big names and we're expecting a strong performance out of them moving forward.
A team that has come out of nowhere, ewe_yolo took down the likes of Ycb from Bangladesh and Pokerface (Not the Korean powerhouse ofc). As mentioned above, they face off against one of Bangladesh's best in their next game and we don't expect the road ahead to be easy for them.

A lot of new faces showed up for this tournament and we're curios to see which of these are here to stay.

Detailed brackets are as below.

The full schedule (subject to changes) can be viewed HERE

Lastly, the grand finals will be streamed on our channel tomorrow evening so be sure to tune in HERE


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