PvP Esports Championships: Secret come out on top after a gruelling 5 game series against Fnatic

Shounak Sengupta

7th, Oct, 2018

Cover image source: @FNATIC

Team Secret picked up their first LAN win of the new season, taking down Fnatic 3-2 in the grand finals of the PvP Esports Championship. It was a close series, with both sides showing some great drafts and team play. All the new pieces in the new Secret line up seem to be coming together and the same can be said for Fnatic as well.

Game 1: Experimental allow Fnatic to take an early lead

Secret went for a very experimental draft, picking up a safe lane Anti-mage for Nisha and an offlane Treant for Zai. With Midone’s Mirana the only significant damage dealer in the early-mid game teamfights, Secret fell behind, allowing Abed’s TA to snowball. Secret were forced to commit for Jabz’s Phoenix every time and paid with multiple heroes going down each time. Fnatic controlled the game well and never really allowed Nisha to become a threat. By 30 minutes, they were knocking on Secret’s highground and a 16k networth lead allowed them to take convincing fights and force the gg.

Game 2: Support Axe helps Secret tie the score

Game 2 saw Puppey on his signature 5 position Axe which he used to dominate the laning phase and force good teamfights in the midgame. Fnatic didn’t have the heroes to play from behind and found it hard to play their game with minimal map control. Once Nisha’s Morphling was up and running, Secret forced bad fights for the underfarmed cores of Fnatic and finished off the game.

Game 3: Closest game of the series

The third game of the series was also the closest one as both sides went at it in an hour-long slugfest. However, Secret had the better farmers and the better late-game heroes to take the win and never really lost their networth advantage throughout the game. Meanwhile, MP’s Necrophos and iceiceice’s Broodmother started falling off past the 40-minute mark and despite winning a crucial teamfight at 50 minutes, they didn’t have enough in their tanks to close out the game.

Game 4: Fnatic make a mockery of Secret’s Huskar pick

Secret attempted to cheese Fnatic with a last pick Huskar but Abed and DJ were more than prepared for the challenge as they combined to ruin his early game. With Huskar suffering and both Midone as well as Zai not having BKB’s Fnatic had no trouble in the teamfights, as Abed’s Invoker had enough control and aoe to help his team win teamfights decisively. The lack if BKB’s caused Secret to slip further and further behind until Fnatic were ready to force the issue and Secret had to tap out.

Game 5: Nisha’s Medusa gives Secret the championship
It all came down to game 5 and Secret pulled out ?a last pick Medusa, catching out Fnatic by surprise. Fnatic wanted to play a fast tempo with an Ursa and Visage on their side, but the Medusa pick, made it difficult for their draft to commit to teamfights without losing heroes. They seemed hesitant and tried to dodge the Medusa, allowing her to pick up more and more items, until she had enough to carry the game. Till then Secret had been playing 4v5 and still coming out ahead and with the Medusa online, they were able to close out game before the 30-minute mark.

Secret take home the PvP Esports Championship trophy and 80,000$ in prize money. However more than anything, a successful start to the new season is what they were hoping to achieve and managed to do so successfully. While Fnatic may not have been able to take down Secret in the grand finale, there still were a lot of positives for them. Abed and DJ look to be in top form and are showing some great synergy as well. Their drafts have been on point and extremely varied as well as versatile. It is just the start of the season for all teams, and the experience from the PvP Esports Championship will be more valuable than the title or the prize money.


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