PVP Esports Championships: PSG.LGD, Admiral and Secret through to the playoffs, Signify eliminated

Shounak Sengupta

6th, Oct, 2018

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The 4 teams moving onto the playoffs have now been decided as PSG.LGD, Admiral and Secret joined Fnatic in the top 4. While Secret found easy pickings in their group over Signify, and PSG.LGD were clearly the better team in Group B, Admiral got their revenge against BOOM ID for an earlier defeat in phase 1.

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Team Secret too strong for Signify

Both teams had lost their respective matches to Fnatic and needed to win to move on. Signify had been able to have decent laning phases in their games but against Secret, they crumbled as the likes of Midone, Zai and Yapzor dominated the matchups and took an early lead. Nisha’s Morphling and Midone’s Ember Spirit ran rampant in teamfights and the lack of lockdown was evident in Signify’s lineup. Swifty was forced to go for an early Orchid to compensate and without any defensive item, his game got a lot harder as Secret started dominating fights. The game lasted 34 minutes but at no point did it ever seem that Signify were in control. It’ll be a learning experience for the Indian team who got to play against some heavyweights like Fnatic and Secret but were outclassed for much of their games.

PSG.LGD and Admiral make it from Group B

In group B, PSG.LGD completed their clean sweep taking down Admiral to qualify for the playoffs as top seeds. The TI8 finalists made enough space for Ame’s Morphling to carry them to victory, just like in the game against BOOM ID and the star carry player didn’t disappoint. By 30 minutes, he was rocking an Ethereal Blade, a Linken’s and a Skadi and there was really nothing Admiral could do to challenge him as they called the game.


Admiral faced off against BOOM ID in the deciding fixture, already having lost to them in the groupstages. However, this time, Admiral got the better lanes and Allison was able to dominate the Invoker on his Bloodseeker. With 2 tanky cores, Admiral snowballed hard off of their good laning phase and played some fast pace Dota, never allowing BOOM ID to catch up. Soon, the networth lead became too much for BOOM ID to cope with and their greedy tricore was unable to muster up enough farm to win teamfights.


PSG.LGD will face Team Secret in what promises to be an enticing semifinal while Fnatic faces off against fellow SEA team, Admiral.


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