PVP Esports Championship: Signify stand tall on day 2 to move onto the second phase

Shounak Sengupta

4o, Oct, 2018

A big day for Indian Dota as Signify defied all odds to qualify for the second stage of the PvP Esports Championship. The team started the day off poorly with a loss against BOOM ID but went on to win 4 successive games to become the last team to make it. Resurgence, Signify and KSY were forced into a three way tie but Signify managed to win their two games, including a 88 minute thriller over KSY to come out on top.

BOOM ID and Admiral well ahead of the rest of the competition

BOOM ID finished in first place, without dropping a single as they caught out Admiral with a Broodmother and Lycan lineup. Admiral themselves only lost the one game in the first stage and finished in a respectable second place, well ahead of the rest of the teams. Meanwhile, Thailand’s Hashtag Dota were unable to pick up a single win across the group stages and finished in last place with 5 defeats to their name.

Signify top the tie breaker

With BOOM ID and Admiral through, it came down to Resurgence, Signify and KSY to fight for the last spot, and with scores tied, a three way tiebreaker was forced. Resurgence drew first blood using a Mercale’s TB to take down KSY. KSY then played Signify, in what ended up being the most entertaining game of the group stages. KSY lost the early game and things looked dire for them as their Lycan strat failed to get off to a good start. Signify meanwhile found favorable teamfights and were able to take 2 lanes of barracks. However at this point, KSY found some undiscovered strength within themselves and miggelz’s Storm Spirit made life extremely difficult for Signify. Both teams fought tooth and nail and expended buybacks time and again but neither was able to make any significant progress towards getting a win. However, Lycan soon started falling off especially with Crowley’s Underlord providing tons of sustain for his entire team and it all became too much for miggelz to do. It took Signify 88 minutes to close out the game as they wore down KSY bit by bit and took the win.

Having already lost to Resurgence earlier and just coming off a 88 minute game, not many expected Signify to be able to take the decider but Crowley and company pieced together a beatiful draft and some masterful execution to take a 40 minute victory. A solid laning phase saw Signify draw even in both sidelanes as Swifty demolished the mid lane on his Tiny. With good item timings on their heroes, Signify found objectives with relative ease and an 18 minute Aghs Scepter on Crowley’s Shadow Shaman made defending extremely difficult for Resurgence. Signify showed no chance of letting up and kept finding key kills with Chronoshpere and never allowed Resurgence to get the jump on them. By 30 minutes, Crowley had a Refresher shard and 2 sets of Plague Wards was simply too much for Resurgence as they were forced to tap out.


Both Admiral and BOOM ID will play in Group B alongside PSG.LGD while Signify get placed in Group A with Fnatic and Secret. Signify have shown some true grit in the first stage of the competition, but things are going to get infinitely tougher as they go up against some of the biggest names of international Dota tomorrow.