PSG.LGD stomp Team Liquid to secure Top 3 berth

Vignesh Raghuram

23rd, Aug, 2018

In what was probably the most anticipated match of The International 8 so far, Team Liquid took on the last Chinese hope PSG.LGD with both teams vying for a Top 3 finish and over $2.5 Million in Prize money.

Both teams have battled it out several times in the Dota Pro Circuit. But the stakes have never been higher. Here’s what went down

GAME 1: PSG.LGD drafted themselves a balanced lineup with a Gyrocopter-Wisp combo at their crux while Liquid opted for strong lanes with picks like Lich, Necrophos, and Enchantress. Simply put, Liquid got absolutely demolished in 32 minutes. The last pick Leshrac for PSG.LGD was the key trump card for PSG.LGD enabling them to actually contest and eventually win the laning phase. That quickly snowballed into a strong midgame where PSG.LGD found kills everywhere and easily secured multiple towers and teamfights to force Liquid to tap out.


GAME 2: It was all the Maybe show in Game 2 as he wrecked Liquid so hard, so fast in Game 2. Securing himself 9 kills in just 12 minutes, his Bloodseeker completely shut down Team Liquid, who just couldn’t win a teamfight. They tried for a valiant high-ground defense came out from Liquid but it was nowhere near enough as the GG came out a little over half an hour once again.





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