PSG.LGD runs rampant on the Penultimate day of MDL Changsha

Vignesh Raghuram

19th, May, 2018
Image sourced from Mars Media

The penultimate day of the MDL Changsha Major left only three teams alive and standing: VGJ.Storm, who have made it to the Grand Finals, as well as Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD, who will compete in the Loser's Bracket Finals.

Mineski and Team Secret left the event early in the day in their lower bracket BO3 matches, having been felled by Newbee and PSG.LGD respectively. Both the SEA team and European Team put up good fights, but ultimately, they had no answer to the Chinese powerhouses losing 2-0 thanks to a variety of factors including Drafts, and questionable decision making.

Those two Chinese teams faced each other next, this time in a best-of-three, with the in-form PSG.LGD turning up the heat. LGD racked up an 8k lead in the opening 15 minutes as they took the game into their hands quickly and decisively. LGD continued to grow their lead, finding both pick-offs and team-fights to secure victory in the first game of the series.

Requiring a victory to keep their tournament hopes alive, Newbee found a great start to game 2, finding great pickoffs to claim a small early lead. Newbee continued to push their advantage and slowly they moved further and further ahead. But 1 Crit from the Somnus Kunkka turned it around for PSG.LGD as they wiped Newbee and claimed the victory.

With that victory, PSG.LGD became the fourth team to secure their spot at TI8, after Team Secret, Virtus.Pro and Team Liquid.  

On the opposite side of the bracket, now in the Winner's Finals, VGJ.Storm had managed to finally put a dent in the spirits of the Chinese home crowd in the Winner Bracket Finals.

VGJ.Storm quickly opened game 1 on the front foot and kept themselves ahead with some great teamfights and amassed a massive networth on Resolut1on’s Medusa. It wasn’t long before VGJ.Storm took out the Chinese team’s barracks to all but secure victory in the first game.

Game 2 was even more stompy. Right off the bat things did not look good for VG as they quickly fell behind their sister team. But VGJ.Storm destroyed them at every turn sending them down to the Lower Bracket finals where PSG.LGD awaits them.

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