Prometheus Gaming sets up a clash against Signify in the WESG 2018: South Asia Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

23rd, Nov, 2018

In a relatively straightforward 2-0 stomp against ROG TiTans, the Pakistani team Prometheus Gaming managed to secure a victory and book a place in the WESG 2018: South Asian Qualifier Finals against Team Signify.

Their performance against ROG TiTans was nothing short of inspiring, proving to everyone at the event that their strength as a team was legitimate. Once again, Firebird and Ahsan "-ArrOw" Hameed were the key players for Prometheus Gaming, lifting their teammates past ROG TiTans and straight into the finals against Signify. Firebird, in particular, seems to have reached a whole new level as a player in this tournament—his run here has been simply frightening.



Prometheus Gaming vs ROG TiTans

Game 1:

Prometheus Gaming had to sweat a little in order to win, as Harsh “Archamage” Shah made sure that his squad went down swinging. In fact, ROG TiTans were relatively even in net worth half the game. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stand up to the might of Firebird, who carried his team to victory with a great Luna performance, which was enabled by fantastic play from M.'ArrOw' Ahsan’s Tusk.

Game 2:

Prometheus Gaming put the final nail in the coffin in the second game, achieving victory even faster than they did in game one. ROG TiTans simply could not withstand the onslaught of Firebird’s Faceless Void, with which he scored 12 kills in just 30 minutes. The pace at which he farmed was absolutely incredible, ending the game just 2 points shy of 600 gold per minute.

He also managed to land several consecutive multi-man Chronos almost single-handedly winning teamfights and securing a 2-0 sweep.

Prometheus Gaming will now go up against Signify, in a rematch of the Qualifier #1 Finals. That series was an absolute cracker which got fans from all across both the countries extremely hyped up. Stay tuned into our Twitch channel, and AFK Gaming for further updates on WESG 2018.



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