[Preview] Inter Cafe Championship Bangalore - Main Event

Nishant Patel

25th, Sep, 2014

The Main Event of the Inter Cafe Championship kicks off on Saturday and continues through the weekend.

Ten qualified teams will represent ten different gaming cafes from Bangalore in a double elimination bracket.

The prize pool is INR 50,000 + 1 x Set of Logitech G Peripherals to the winning cafe.

This weekend promises to be a blast as top teams Oblique Gaming and NeckBREAK eSports will be participating as well.

Team Full Meals will be looking to hold on to their lead after their recent victory over Oblique Gaming at the LXG Dota 2 Tournament while the rest of Bangalore's Dota 2 squads will be looking to find their place among the top seeds of the Indian Dota 2 scene.


Participants and Brackets



  • Team NetZone (Full Meals)
  • Team ESC Gaming (Outdoor)
  • Team GamerZone (Midas Doto)
  • Team Blitzone (Mynd'snare Gaming)
  • Team Illusion Gaming (PoC)
  • Team Gamerz Colosseum (New World Order)
  • Team LXG (Oblique Gaming)
  • Team Antharal Gamebridge (The Wooden Monkeys)
  • Team Games Gizmos Plus (eGoDz)
  • Team G4l (NeckBREAK eSports)




Livestream and Coverage


Matches will begin at 10:30 a.m on both days (Saturday 27th Sept and Sunday 28th Sept).

Livestream link http://afkgaming.com/live/afkgamingesports

Tournament Ticket : Click HERE



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