Pinoy Power: 3 Filipino teams will compete in The International 9: SEA Qualifiers

Vignesh Raghuram

6o, Jul, 2019

With an incredibly dominant performance in the Open Qualifiers, 2 Filipino teams: Team Amplify, Team Adroit have qualified for the International 9 SEA Regional Qualifiers bringing up the number of Filipino teams competing in SEA Regional Qualifiers to 3. The highest in the region.

The first qualifier saw Team Jinesbrus, Team Adroit and EVOS Esports claim their places in the closed qualifier and the second qualifier ended earlier today with the final three teams claiming their spots as well.

The first team to qualify for the SEA Regional Qualifiers was Vietnamese team 496 Gaming, who had to plough through Geek Fam, PG Barrax, and Neon Esports to book their spot in the Regional Qualifiers.

On the other side of the brackets, Team Amplify went through the gauntlet to make it through to the Regional Qualifiers. They had to bring down Winter’s Animal Dota, QO’s Team Oracle and Resurgence to make it through.

So the stage was set between Resurgence and Neon Esports in a clash for the finals spot in the SEA Closed Qualifiers. It was one of the closest series in the whole Open Qualifiers. Both teams went toe-to-toe against each other and pushed the series to a deciding Game 3. In the end, Resurgence emerged on top despite being on a networth deficit and secured the final spot in the International 9: SEA Regional Qualifiers.


So the 8 teams that will compete in the SEA Regional Qualifiers are:


  • Mineski

  • Team Adroit

  • Team Jinesbrus

  • EVOS Esports

  • Team Amplify

  • 496 Gaming

  • Resurgence


The SEA Closed Qualifiers will kick off later tomorrow (July 7th 2019) at 08:30 AM IST | 11:00 AM SGT and will see only the winner claim the last remaining spot at The International 2019. Stay tuned to AFK Gaming for all the latest updates.