Our Favorite entries in this year's Dota 2 Shortfilm Contest

Vignesh Raghuram

8o, Aug, 2018

The International has now entered and finished its fourth year of featuring a short film contest. Content creators submit their wildest and most unique ideas about the world of Dota 2 all out of their love for the game, a chance to be featured in The International 2018 Battlepass and a chance to win the lion’s share of the $25,000 prizepool.

This year, submission qualifications have vastly improved over what made it into the finals of yesteryear. With submissions ranging from the beautiful Photoshop drawings to the good old fashioned Source Film Maker that we all know and love, this year has undoubtedly been the best yet for submissions.

Subject matter this year seemed to be ingenious, with a lot of creative concepts coming from all sides. With heartwarming masterpieces and several tear jerkers, it is gonna be a difficult year for all of us Dota 2 fans to pick one and vote for it.

To make that a little bit easier here’s a compilation of what we felt, was the best of the lot.


Ursa Minor


An incredible piece of creativity that wouldn’t surprise me if we found it in a Pixar movie. The writing, music and animation gel together perfectly to create the masterpiece that is ‘Ursa Minor’ aka ‘Little Bear’.

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On the Cliff


One of the more light-hearted Short Films from this year’s entries. ‘On the cliff’ is a quality short film presenting a comical telling of Rubick cliffing his enemies.

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Kobold Blues


This one is a parody of sorts featuring characters resembling Ratatouille, Thanos, etc but still managed to tell us a great story fully utilizing the limited time.

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The Final 88 Seconds Of An 8-Hour Game


EDJE’s 2nd entry in this list is a ‘Cooler’ Short Film featuring a Rambo Crystal Maiden, a neat concept, and other fun finer details.

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Greed is Good?


Many fellow support players will feel the pain when watching this short film. The expressions on Dazzle’s face and Pudge’s ‘Long live the King’ moment makes this one of the best entries of this year.

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This one is my favorite amongst all of the entries in this year’s contest, it’s a beautiful illustration of Vengeful Spirit’s lore. While it may lack the fun elements present in most of these other entries, the haunting music in the background is just the final element that pushes this short film to a higher territory.

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Blue Girl


Fans of Sports Anime are sure to love this Short film which uses a lot of those Anime tropes to depict a Basketball game. The short film has a lot of easter eggs as well, so make sure to watch it twice.

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Wiles of the Wisp

Yet another entry from Max who is the reigning two-time champion. This one fully utilizes pre-existing voicelines to construct one of the funniest Dota 2 skits I’ve seen. Will it be enough for yet another victory for Max??

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This one is another great short film. It has just enough memes, emotions, and comedy to make it one of the front runners for taking this year’s short film contest.

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