OpTic India becomes the first team to qualify for the India LAN Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

14th, Aug, 2018

The Upper Bracket Finals witnessed the two giants OpTic India and Entity Gaming facing off against each other in an attempt to book their place within the India LAN Finals.  

The BO3 series went down to the third map, as OpTic India won the first match on Nuke with a score of 16-9. We witnessed total domination from OpTic playing CT-side, as they won the first 14 rounds in a row.

The second match saw the two teams clash on Dust 2 with Entity taking the match 16-12, edging out OpTic in a very closely contested match-up. The final showdown took place on ‘Cache’, where OpTic crushed Entity with a score of 16-11. Entity did try to come back late into the game but failed to rise up to the challenge of the green wall. 

Winning the BO3 series 2-1, OpTic India has now become the first team from India to book a slot at the India LAN Finals due to take place on the 8th and 9th of September.

OpTic India’s route to the finals was pretty convincing, winning against teams such as 2ez Gaming, Invictus and finally Entity Gaming. They didn't drop a single series on their way to the finals and now have a one map advantage in the Grand Finale of the DIQ. The grand finals will be played later today and can be watched on LXGTV's YouTube Channel.


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