Ohaiyo moves to LFY

Vignesh Raghuram

5th, Feb, 2018
Just a month after leaving Fnatic, Khoo "Ohaiyo" Chong Xin has found himself a place in Chinese team, LFY.

"Although I will no longer play with FNATIC, I still wish the team all the best of the future. Thank you for the past two and a half years, always giving us so much support and energy. Good luck!" Ohaiyo said in a press release announcing his departure from the Fnatic organization.

According to LFY’s weibo, Ohaiyo will be replacing Inflame, who chose to leave the team as he has issues with his neck/spine. He will be joined by fellow SEA player Tue "Ahfu" Soon Chuan as well as 3 Chinese veterans in Monet, Super, and Yao.

LFY's current Dota 2 roster is:
  1. Du “Monet” Peng
  2. Xie “Super” Junhao
  3. Khoo “Ohaiyo” Chong Xin
  4. Yao “Yao” Zhengzheng
  5. Tue “Ahfu” Soon Chuan
While Malaysian/Ohaiyo fans are delighted with this news, the Chinese remain skeptical insisting that Inflame’s boots are just too big to fill. They were also not happy with the fact that Ahfu would be moving to the ‘5-role’ to make room for Yao in the ‘4-role’.

You can watch this LFY team live in action in the ongoing DAC 2018: Chinese Qualifiers.


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