OG knocks down VP in the MDL Disneyland Paris Major

Vignesh Raghuram

6o, May, 2019

Image Courtesy: Elliot

In an absolute shocker, the reigning TI champions, OG, knocked down the best team in the DPC, Virtus.Pro to the Lower Brackets after a 2-0 victory against the CIS juggernauts.

OG vs Virtus.Pro


The first match was quite even with both teams going back and forth in the networth department. However, a botched teamfight from Virtus.Pro who were trying to gank the Drow Ranger provided the opening that OG needed to teamwipe the Russians and secure the win. VP quite simply didn’t have enough damage to burst down the ana’s Drow Ranger, which cost them.


Virtus.Pro seemed tilted going into Game 2. They simply didn’t get the ball moving. Using a 4 protect 1 strategy, with ana on the PA who was backed up by Ceb’s Magnus. They just ran circles around the VP lineup, picking them apart bit-by-bit and securing an easy Game 2 victory to book a place in the next rounds of the Upper Bracket.





Meanwhile, Team Secret took on PSG.LGD in the other Winner Bracket matchup of the Day. While PSG.LGD managed to take a game off Team Secret, the Europeans were just better on the day, easily securing a 2-1 victory thanks to some great drafting from Puppey and a fantastic Anti Mage performance by Nisha in the third game.

Now beastcoast takes on compLexity in a fight for survival, which will be followed by the last matchup of the day which sees Mineski battling Empire in a BO1 elimination game.