OG have the last laugh as they beat down Resolut1on's VGJ.Storm

Vignesh Raghuram

22nd, Aug, 2018

“Started from the bottom now we are here” is probably the song that is stuck in OG fans’ heads. Notail, Jerax and Co.’s team which was completely broken apart when s4 and Fly abruptly left for Evil Geniuses.

They built back their lineup, picking up promising pubstar Topson and bring back ana to their team. They went through the EU Open Qualifiers, and now they’re in the Top 6 of The International 8 and have secured themselves over $1 Million in prize money.

Game 1:

OG surprised with a support Lina pick, trying to push back VGJ.Storm’s push through Dragon Knight and Nature’s Prophet. The NA team had a good start into the game, but OG made sure to trade favorably on the back off ana’s Phantom Lancer. Naturally, OG pulled ahead in terms of networth and eventually farmed up the necessary items to take on VGJ.Storm. OG managed to bring them down in a big teamfight and were able to take a lane of rax. Just a few minutes later, OG forced another engagement and killed VGJ.Storm’s without buyback, spelling the end of the game for VGJ.Storm.


Game 2:

In game 2, VGJ.Storm looked to throw off OG a bit with a Storm Spirit last pick, but OG remained unimpressed. An aggressive dual lane and roamer were supposed to win the laning stage for the NA Team, but OG still came out ahead, making it easier for them to pick VGJ.Storm apart in the mid-game. The nature of VGJ.Storm’s line-up didn’t allow for them to take fights in the mid-game, an issue OG thoroughly exploited to grab the series win.



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