OG conquer PSG.LGD in an absolute Thriller

Vignesh Raghuram

25th, Aug, 2018

In what turned out to be the best series of TI8 so far, we saw the ultimate underdogs OG take down the Chinese juggernauts PSG.LGD in an exhilarating winner bracket finals to book a place in the Grand Finals of The International 8.

OG after barely making it to the Upper Brackets, have tackled each match with confidence, mechanical prowess, extraordinary team fights and synergy. The European rising stars knocked down VGJ.Storm in a 2:0 sweep, and took down Evil Geniuses 2:1 before setting their sights on PSG.LGD.

PSG.LGD had all the swagger and sauce of top contenders, with a strong showing in the group stage and then a knockout performance over Virtus.Pro and Liquid in the upper brackets making them the favourites to take home the Aegis.

Game 1:

To almost everyone’s surprise, 7knmad served as OG’s real carry in their first game of the series against PSG.LGD. His Enchantress play was instrumental to OG’s victory, what with the way he was keeping all of his teammates alive and prolonging teamfights in their favor. Not even Chalice’s incredible start with Weaver in game one could beat the power of ceb’s sheer damage output.

Game 2:

In game two after the grueling slugfest of game one, LGD answered back in a big way with a very quick 37-minute victory. Draft Wise, OG went with a fairly greedy lineup, picking up an Invoker, Magnus, and a Bloodseeker, hoping for a mid-late game victory. LGD had other plans, however, and went with very strong lanes, with a Clinkz, Storm Spirit, and an Enchantress.

Although game one lasted well over an hour, OG seemed to have all the energy in the early game, going up 3-0 with their rotations. However, PSG.LGD’s midgame phase was just too strong and the advantage was quickly nullified. Somnus had a standout game on his signature Storm Spirit literally balling out of control and finding kills all over the map to rake up the Bloodstone charges.

PSG.LGD continued to push and claim objectives with OG unable to kill any of LGD’s cores due to one: their farm and exp disadvantage, and two: LGD’s sustain. After a couple of unfavorable teamfights leading to lost structures, OG called GG shortly, unable to stop the Chinese juggernauts.


Game 3:

With a place in the Grand Finals on the line, both teams brought their absolute best once again to this hotly contest upper bracket finals. Unfortunately, only one team could move on, and it was OG who triumphed over PSG.LGD in a 58-minute game. OG went with a strong teamfight lineup this time around, picking up an Earthshaker, Spectre and a Silencer. While PSG.LGD went with a single target burst focussed lineup, with a Mirana, Clockwerk and notably, a Terrorblade for Ame.

While PSG.LGD had the better start to the game, OG steadily fought back and played a stable early-mid game knowing that they’d have the edge in the Late Game thanks to their superior teamfight ultimates. But they bleeded a few kills giving the advantage to PSG.LGD who took multiple Roshans and used them to press their advantage.

Deaths without buyback by 7knmad on Pugna and Jerax on the Earthshaker nudged PSG.LGD to go for the game ending push. But some clutch teamfights, inside the base of OG caused multiple diebacks on LGD’s cores which handed the game on a silver platter for OG who went for the throne and moved on to the Grand Finals.



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