Official Indian Dota 2 Rankings - May 2015

Nishant Patel

28th, May, 2015
Introducing India's first and only official AFK Gaming Dota 2 rankings - a standardized measure of Indian Dota 2 teams' performance and placements at local online and offline tournaments.
Indian Dota 2 Rankings - May 2015
Rank Team Name Points
1 Neckbreak 24
2 Surekh Gaming 19
3 Team Elunes 14
3 Full Meals 14
5 Terminus Esports 11
6 Mystery 8
7 Piece of Cake 7
7 TwT 7
7 Accelerate 7
How it Works

I've tried to keep this as simple as possible while aiming to reward teams for consistency, participation and performance.
Tournament Criteria
  • Participation should be open to all Indian Dota 2 teams. (No amateur only tournaments)
  • Online tournaments with a minimum prize pool worth INR 20,000 OR cash prize of INR 10,000
  • LAN / Hybrid tournaments with a minimum prize pool worth INR 50,000 OR cash prize of INR 30,000

Tournaments that match the above criteria between January - May 2015?
Rankings will be updated at the end of every month and will reset at the end of the calendar year. The top eight teams from all tournaments that meet the above criteria in a given month will be awarded points as follows :

1st Place - 8 points
2nd Place - 7 points
3rd Place - 6 points
4th Place - 5 points
5th Place - 4 points
6th Place - 3 points
7th Place - 2 points
8th Place - 1 point

Points will be allotted to the team as per their registered name in a tournament. For eg. Team ABC registers their entire roster in a tournament as Team XYZ, points will be awarded to Team XYZ even though it's the same five players playing under a different name.

In the event that a team officially changes it's name / identity players, management et all, AFK Gaming needs to be informed about the change if the team in question wishes to maintain it's ranking on a different identity.

Suggestions and Feedback

It's no secret that I suck with numbers however I do believe that this is a fairly crude yet accurate way to reward teams for performance, stability and consistency.

If you have any suggestions or feedback please don't hestitate to leave a comment / start a thread. I'm open to changing the methodology along the road.


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